Premium sock brand Jimmy Lion launches the Santa Is Coming Collection! 🎄

The most wonderful time of the year is just around the corner … and the countdown to find the perfect gift has begun!

Just in time for the Holidays, premium sock brand Jimmy Lion has launched the new Santa Is Coming Collection, a fresh and quirky take on traditional Holiday patterns and prints!

With 4 Mid-Calf and 2 Knee-High Casual designs, the collection places the merry season’s usual cast of characters into the most unexpected and zany situations. Jimmy Lion’s iconic giraffe, for example, gets a jolly makeover complete with a Santa hat, to celebrate the Holidays against a starry blue sky (Christmas Giraffe – Dark Blue). Meanwhile everyone’s favourite gingerbread cookies disconnect with a relaxing dip in a cocktail glass (Gingerbread – Grey). And the collection wouldn’t be complete without an appearance by Santa! This time… Jolly Old Saint Nick is stuck in a chimney (Santa’s Stuck – Green). And to top it all off, Jimmy Lion adds an unexpected character: a Yeti! Yes… The (adorable) snowman stars in Yeti – Blue, cheerfully carrying gifts – and even a Christmas tree!

Once again the brand uses the socks as part of the design with Knee-High versions of Santa’s Stuck – Green and Christmas Giraffe – Dark Blue – giving both Santa and the girae extra room to be merry and bright.

The Santa Is Coming Collection is available now in stores and online at!

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