Maite Alberdi’s ‘THE MOLE AGENT’ to be released in UK cinemas & On Demand from 11 December 2020! 🔎

Dogwoof has confirmed that Maite Alberdi’s charming and award-winning documentary, THE MOLE AGENT, which had its world premiere at the 2020 Sundance Film Festival early in the year, will now be released in UK cinemas and On Demand from 11 December 2020.

A stylish combination of an observational documentary and a spy movie – in the tradition of the classic gum-shoe detective films – THE MOLE AGENT is a whodunnit noir featuring a dashing lead, a Macguffin, multiple blind alleys, and a surprising finale.

Alberdi’s critically-acclaimed film has been described as the most heart-warming spy movie of all time but it’s also a humane character study and a thoughtful rumination on ageing and family.

Private Investigator Romulo is hired by a family who are concerned about their mother’s treatment in a care-home. The search is on for an agent to infiltrate the premises and sniff out any wrong doing from the staff or fellow residents. Romulo settles on Sergio, a dapper and sprightly 83 year-old widower, to be his mole agent. Once his cover is established and he’s in the home, Sergio soon becomes enmeshed in the daily routine of the care-home and struggles with his original assignment as he becomes involved in the lives of several fellow residents.

Funny with warm comedic episodes, THE MOLE AGENT all the while delicately explores global themes of loneliness, abandonment and social care.

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