Studiocanal announces new 4K restoration of Jacques Becker’s ‘CASQUE D’OR’

STUDIOCANAL has announced a brand new 4K restoration of Jacques Becker’s classic 1952 Belle Époque tragedy, CASQUE D’OR, to mark the film’s landmark 70th anniversary.

The new 4K restoration will premiere at the Leeds International Film Festival on Sunday 13th November and will be returning to cinemas from 25th November, in partnership with the Independent Cinema Office. CASQUE D’OR will also be available on 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray, Blu-ray, DVD and Digital from 28th November 2022.

Starring the great Simone Signoret as an unforgettable femme fatale and Serge Reggiani, CASQUE D’OR is one of the greatest films about the Belle Époque and a true masterpiece of French cinema.

STUDIOCANAL will also be releasing the ESSENTIAL BECKER COLLECTION on Blu-ray on 28th November 2022. This box set, part of the “Auteurs” range will include CASQUE D’OR, TOUCHEZ PAS AU GRISBI, EDWARD AND CAROLINE, FALBALAS and LE TROU.

Set in Paris at the turn of the 19th Century, CASQUE D’OR follows the love affair between gangster’s moll, Marie (Simone Signoret) and reformed criminal Georges Manda (Serge Reggiani). When mob boss, Felix Leca (Claude Dauphin), takes an active interest in their affair, an underworld rivalry ensues leading to a treacherous and tragic end.

About The Restoration:

This restoration was produced in 2022 from the Original 35mm Negative held at the Archives Françaises du Film. The image was scanned in 4k by L’Imagine Ritrovata who also carried out the calibration and all the digital work intended to erase the imperfections present on the original elements. The project was supervised by the Studiocanal team of Sophie Boyer and Jean-Pierre Boiget. Restored with the support of CNC.

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