BEFORE MIDNIGHT Released in Cinemas Across the UK from Tomorrow (Friday 21 June)

Before Midnight


A Richard Linklater Film 

In UK Cinemas From 21 June

We meet Jesse and Celine nine years on in Greece. Almost two decades have passed since their first meeting on that train bound for Vienna.

BEFORE MIDNIGHT is the third in a series of films about Jesse and Celine. They first met in their early twenties in BEFORE SUNRISE (1995), reuniting in their thirties in BEFORE SUNSET (2004). BEFORE MIDNIGHT revisits them now in their forties. As they walk beneath the languid Greek sun, contemplating past, present and future, family, romance and love, they reveal their happiness and discontentments. Before the clock strikes midnight, their story again unfolds.



An American father, JESSE, (Ethan Hawke) is seeing off his son HANK (Seamus Davey-Fitzpatrick) at the Kalamata Airport in Greece. Hank’s returning to his mother and life in the U.S. after spending the “best summer ever” with Jesse and his family. The middle-schooler is more composed than his fortyish father, who hovers anxiously as their separation draws near.

Geography weighs heavily on Jesse. Outside the airport, he rejoins his family: CELINE (Julie Delpy) and their young twin daughters ELLA and NINA (Jennifer and Charlotte Prior). As they drive through the austerely beautiful rocky hillsides of Messinia, Jesse and Celine talk—about living so far from Hank, about her career as an environmentalist and hopes for a new job, about the swirl of ancient and modern Greece around them. Jesse hints at wanting to move back to America from their home in Paris, but Celine has done her U.S. time—they lived in New York for a spell—and has no wish to return. Their long history together bubbles between them.

Jesse’s a successful novelist, and they’re in Greece at a writer’s retreat, staying in the bucolic country villa of an older expat writer, PATRICK (Walter Lassally). Jesse’s given to flights of creative fancy which charm the assembled company, warmly hospitable Greek couples, but Celine—whose own past has played a starring role in Jesse’s semi-autobiographical novels—is perhaps a bit weary of serving as alluring French muse to Jesse’s fiction career.

As a treat, their Greek friends have gifted Jesse and Celine with a night at a luxurious seaside hotel while they babysit the twins. Feeling the undercurrent of friction between them, Celine wants to beg off, but their friends insist. They set off on foot through the spectacular countryside, meandering through meadows and villages, enjoying each others’ company, talking, teasing, debating, flirting.

What does a longterm couple do in a sleek hotel room besides throw off their worries, responsibilities, and clothes and make love? But for Jesse and Celine, realities intrude: the weight of children, work, ambitions, disappointments; the ebb and flow of romantic love ; the strains of an evolving, deepening relationship. Their idyllic night tests them in unexpected ways.











BEFORE MIDNIGHT is the third in a series of films about Jesse and Celine. They first met in their early twenties in BEFORE SUNRISE (1995), reuniting in their thirties in BEFORE SUNSET (2004). Back in 1995, Parisian Celine and American Jesse first met by chance on a train traveling through Europe. They impulsively disembarked together to spend a day and a night walking around Vienna, talking nonstop, experiencing a jolt of romantic chemistry, and forging a powerful connection. BEFORE SUNRISE ended with the expectation that they would meet again in six months.

BEFORE SUNSET picks up their story nine years later. Jesse’s a writer, presenting his first novel—inspired by that night in Vienna—at a reading in a Paris bookstore. Celine shows up unexpectedly; it turns out that their romantic rendezvous in Vienna never materialized. Older, a little more jaded, and both in relationships with other people, Jesse and Celine walk the streets of Paris only to find that the bond between them is still alive and as compelling as ever.

BEFORE MIDNIGHT revisits them now in their forties. As they walk beneath the languid Greek sun, contemplating past, present and future, family, romance and love, they reveal their happiness and discontentments. Before the clock strikes midnight, their story again unfolds.


About the Production

In BEFORE MIDNIGHT, “They’re still talking, still making each other laugh” says director Richard Linklater about Jesse and Celine, the couple chronicled in Linklater’s earlier films BEFORE SUNRISE (1995) and BEFORE SUNSET (2004). “This time around, we thought the thing we really had to offer was brutal honesty about long term commitments—just how tough it is. All those little minefields. We had to dig into more of a domestic front, so different from the brief encounter of their twenties or the rediscovery in their thirties. It’s not the same kind of romance, yet we still think there’s something special to this couple.”

“We” is the trio who created Jesse and Celine in a remarkable, ongoing cinematic collaboration: writer/director Linklater and writers/actors Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke. Linklater wrote the original, semi-autobiographical script (with Kim Krizan); Delpy and Hawke, who portray Celine and Jesse, helped Linklater deconstruct and revise the script, leavening the first film with their own dialogue contributions and character insights. Since then, the three have regrouped—every seven or eight years or so—to co-write and create the second and third films in the series.

“We’ve just kind of riffed together,” says Hawke, “almost a little bit like a band, and Julie and I play certain instruments in this band and Rick is the lead singer and he calls us up every so often and asks us to play together.”

Did they anticipate all along that their original indie effort would someday follow on these characters as they evolved through life and love? “Of course not—you couldn’t plan for such things,” says Linklater. “You never know what’s going to go on creatively between people on a movie. It just so happens we had a really special experience back in ’94. We were just three people who felt like they still had something to express via these characters.”

“I don’t think anybody could have imagined it,” agrees Hawke. “But I knew when the first film was over that I wanted to work with them again. It somehow accidentally came together three times in a row.  Every time I look back on it I don’t really know how it happened.  I don’t think we’d all return to each other if we didn’t have a tremendous amount of love for the whole project.”

“We all go our separate ways” concurs Delpy. “but it’s there in the back of our minds for months and years—and we think and think and think, and next thing you know we’re writing together again.”


About the Filmmaker and Cast

RICHARD LINKLATER / Writer, Director, Producer

In addition to his work listed in the following filmography, Richard Linklater also serves as the Artistic Director for the Austin Film Society, which he founded in 1985 to showcase films from around the world that were not typically shown in Austin. The Austin Film Society has given out over $1,200,000 in grants to Texas filmmakers and in 1999, received the DGA Honor which was given by the Directors Guild of America in recognition of its support of the arts.




ETHAN HAWKE / Writer, Actor (Jesse)

Ethan Hawke has collaborated with filmmaker Richard Linklater on multiple occasions, including FAST FOOD NATION; WAKING LIFE; THE NEWTON BOYS and TAPE. Marking their most celebrated collaboration, Hawke starred opposite Julie Delpy in the critically acclaimed film BEFORE SUNRISE, its sequel BEFORE SUNSET, and most recently in the third film in this series, BEFORE MIDNIGHT. The trio co-wrote the screenplays for BEFORE SUNSET and BEFORE MIDNIGHT.  In 2004, their BEFORE SUNSET screenplay received an Academy Award® nomination for Adapted Screenplay, a Writers Guild Award nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay and an IFP Spirit Award nomination for Best Screenplay.  Hawke has played an ongoing part in Linklater’s UNTITLED 12-YEAR PROJECT.

Ethan Hawke’s screen career was launched by his 1989 starring role in the Academy Award winning drama DEAD POETS SOCIETY. Twenty-four years, and several Tony® and Oscar® nominations later, Hawke has emerged a multifaceted artist—film and theater actor, novelist, screenwriter and director. As a film actor, Hawke has starred in over forty films, including; EXPLORERS; DAD; REALITY BITES; WHITE FANG; WATERLAND; ALIVE; RICH IN LOVE; GATTACA; GREAT EXPECTATIONS; HAMLET; ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13; TAKING LIVES; BEFORE THE DEVIL KNOWS YOU’RE DEAD, WHAT DOESN’T KILL YOU AND BROOKLYN’S FINEST. In 2002, Hawke received Academy Award® and Screen Actors Guild® Supporting Actor nominations for his work in Antonie Fuqua’s TRAINING DAY opposite Denzel Washington.

Behind the lens, in 2001, Hawke made his directorial debut with his drama CHELSEA WALLS. The film tells five stories set in a single day at the Chelsea Hotel and stars Uma Thurman, Kris Kristofferson, Rosario Dawson, Natasha Richardson, and Steve Zahn. Additionally, he directed Josh Hamilton in the short film STRAIGHT TO ONE, a story of a couple, young and in love, living in the Chelsea Hotel.

In 1996, Hawke wrote his first novel, The Hottest State, published by Little Brown and now in its nineteenth printing. In his sophomore directorial endeavor, Hawke adapted for the screen and directed the on-screen version of THE HOTTEST STATE and also directed a music video for the film. In 2002, his second novel, Ash Wednesday, was published by Knopf and was chosen for Bloomsbury’s contemporary classics series. In addition to his work as a novelist, Hawke wrote an in-depth and celebrated profile of icon Kris Kristofferson for Rolling Stone in April 2009.

On stage, Hawke most recently appeared playing the title characters in “Clive” (by Jonathan Marc Sherman, The New Group, 2013),  which Hawke also directed; and “Ivanov” (by Anton Chekhov, Classic Stage Company, 2012).  Hawke first appeared in Chekhov’s “The Seagull” on Broadway at the Lyceum Theater in 1992. Over a long career in theater, Hawke has appeared in Shakespeare’s “Henry IV”; Sam Shepard’s “Buried Child” (Steppenwolf); “Hurlyburly” by David Rabe, for which he earned a Lucille Lortel Award Nomination for Outstanding Lead Actor and Drama League Award Nomination for Distinguished Performance (The New Group); and Tom Stoppard’s “The Coast of Utopia” for which he was honored with a Tony Award nomination for Best Featured Actor in a Play and Drama League Award nomination for Distinguished Performance (Lincoln Center). The inaugural season of The Bridge Project’s double billings of Chekhov’s “The Cherry Orchard” and Shakespeare’s “A Winter’s Tale” garnered Hawke a Drama Desk Award Nomination for Outstanding Featured Actor in a Play (Brooklyn Academy of Music and The Old Vic). More recently Hawke has been seen in Scott Elliott’s “Blood from a Stone” (The New Group) which garnered him a 2011 Obie Award. Also for theatre, in 2007, Hawke made his Off-Broadway directing debut with the world premiere of Jonathan Marc Sherman’s dark comedy, “Things We Want.” In 2010, Hawke directed Sam Shepard’s “A Lie of the Mind,” for which he received a Drama Desk Nomination for Outstanding Director of a Play; as well as recognition in the New York Times and The New Yorker top ten lists of the leading theatre productions in 2010.

For television, Hawke most recently appeared in the television adaption of MOBY DICK that aired on Encore. He starred as the stalwart and experienced first officer Starbuck, the only member of the crew who dares to oppose Captain Ahab (William Hurt).

Several recent film projects include Pawel Pawlikowski’s THE WOMAN IN THE FIFTH, in which Hawke stars opposite Kristin Scott Thomas as a college lecturer who flees to Paris after a scandal costs him his job. The film premiered at the 2011 Toronto International Film Festival and was released by ATO. Hawke also starred in Scott Derrickson’s horror-thriller box office hit SINISTER which was released by Summit October. With a budget of $3 million, it has grossed over $48 million worldwide. He is also currently directing an untitled documentary about an 85 year old piano maestro, Seymour Bernstein.

Hawke recently wrapped production on two more upcoming projects: FIRST, THE PURGE, written and directed by James DeMonaco, will be released by Universal on May 31, 2013. Additionally, he will star in GETAWAY, directed by Ron Levy which will be released by Warner Bros in 2013.

Ethan Hawke was born in 1970 to teen-age parents in Austin, Texas. At the age of thirteen he performed in his first professional play and from a very young age has committed himself entirely to the arts. At the age of twenty one, Hawke founded Malaparte Theater Co., which remained open for more than five years giving young artists a home to develop their craft.

Hawke is happily married with four children.


JULIE DELPY / Writer, Actor (Celine)

Julie Delpy has made a name for herself as an accomplished actress, screenwriter, director, and writer in Europe and the U.S. Delpy co-wrote and stars in her most recent film, BEFORE MIDNIGHT, which premiered in 2013 at the Sundance Film Festival. The film is a follow up to its successful predecessors, BEFORE SUNRISE (1995) and BEFORE SUNSET (2004), which earned Delpy an Oscar nomination for co-writing with Ethan Hawke and Richard Linklater.

Prior to that, in 2012 Delpy wrote, directed and starred in 2 DAYS IN NEW YORK, a follow up to her critically acclaimed 2007 film, 2 DAYS IN PARIS. The latter film was made independently in Paris, and after rave reviews in Berlin, received global distribution.

Since the tender age of 14, Delpy has worked with some of the world’s most esteemed and intellectual directors, including Jean-Luc Godard for DETECTIVE, Agneiszka Holland for EUROPA EUROPA, Krzysztof Kieslowski for the trilogy “Trois Couleurs,” and Roger Avary for KILLING ZOE as the lead opposite Eric Stoltz. Her list of directors is as versatile as her talents and films. Other film credits include Bertrand Tavernier’s THE PASSION OF BEATRICE, Carlos Saura’s THE DARK NIGHT, and Voker Schlondorff’s VOYAGER.

Delpy has continued to transition seamlessly from acting, composing, writing and directing, with memorable film roles such as: Focus Features BROKEN FLOWERS starring alongside Bill Murray, which was written and directed by Jim Jarmusch; and 2009’s THE COUNTESS, which Delpy also composed, wrote and directed. She also won the director’s prize at San Sebastian film festival for her film THE SKYLAB in 2011.

Delpy’s affinity for acting, which she attributes to her parents, both of whom are actors, is what inspired her to begin directing. In 1997, Julie made her directorial debut with the short film, BLAH BLAH BLAH which was shown at the 1995 Sundance Film Festival.

Delpy truly enjoys immersing herself in the creative process and looks forward to contributing in all aspects of future projects. She currently resides in Los Angeles and Paris. She is fluent in French, English and Italian.