Arrow Video Release Teaser Video ahead of the worldwide Blu-ray & DVD premiere of Mario Bava’s horror classic ‘BLACK SABBATH’

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To celebrate Monday’s worldwide Blu-ray & DVD premiere of Mario Bava’s horror classic BLACK SABBATH, Arrow Video have released a brand new online video, showcasing just what their deluxe edition has to offer…

Featuring both the original Italian version of the film and the re-edited, re-dubbed and re-scored American version, together and fully restored for the first time anywhere in the world, Arrow’s BLACK SABBTH release will also come loaded with special features, bonus material and exclusive artwork.

BLACK SABBATH, the film, has had a huge influence on popular culture, not just as a stand-out piece of Italian horror cinema, but as the name-sake of the inventors of heavy metal music. Beginning a life-long allegiance between horror fans and heavy metal enthusiasts, it is said that the 4 original members of the band BLACK SABBATH, then known as Earth, came across the name after seeing horror fans queuing outside their local picture house to see the movie. They then set about trying to create the musical equivalent of what horror fans saw and loved in scary movies.




Release Date: May 13, 2013

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