Skin-crawling horror ‘STING’ will debut for Home Premiere on 15 July 2024

STUDIOCANAL has announced that the skin-crawling horror STING, starring Alyla Browne (Furiosa), Ryan Corr (House of the Dragon) and Jermaine Fowler (The Blackening), will debut for Home Premiere on Monday 15 July 2024.

The film will also be available to own on Blu-ray and DVD from 19th August 2024.

Written and directed by Kiah Roache-Turner (Wyrmwood) and featuring astounding special effects from the Academy Award®-winning Weta Workshop (The Lord of the Rings trilogy, King Kong), STING is inspired by one of humanity’s greatest fears, arachnophobia, and made more monstrous than ever before.

A strange little spider falls from the sky and is discovered by Charlotte (Alyla Browne), a rebellious 12-year-old girl who names it Sting. As Charlotte’s fascination with Sting increases, so does its size. Growing at a monstrous rate, Sting’s appetite for blood becomes insatiable. Neighbours’ pets start to go missing, and then the neighbours themselves. Soon Charlotte’s family and the eccentric characters of the building realise that they are all trapped, hunted by a ravenous supersized arachnid with a taste for human flesh.

Also starring Penelope Mitchell (Hellboy) and Robyn Nevin (The Matrix Revolutions), the film features an amazing lead performance from Browne who has recently wowed audiences with her role as Young Furiosa in Furiosa.

Released in UK cinemas last month, STING is a surefire winner for fans of spine-chilling creature features like Arachnophobia and 8-Legged Freaks.

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