Review – Hot Ice Eternity at Pleasure Beach Arena, Blackpool


Pleasure Beach Arena, Blackpool

Until Saturday 7th September 2024

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Hot Ice, one of the world’s oldest and most celebrated ice shows returns for summer 2024 with its new show, Eternity, a thrilling spectacle of world class figure skating featuring a exceptional company of more than thirty Olympic and World Champion level skaters.

With this new production, director and producer Amanda Thompson looks to celebrate what she calls the “art of sport” in a two-hour production filled with big-budget visuals, dazzling lighting and incredibly complex routines choreographed by former Olympic athlete Oula Jaaskelainen.

Set to a dynamic original score, Eternity is Hot Ice back to its best, featuring a series of individual and group numbers that really highlight the extraordinary quality of this year’s company. The striking costumes are expectedly impressive and there are plenty of fun gimmicks and effects introduced throughout the show – bubbles, fire, water falling from above – though none that overshadow the sheer talent of the skaters.

It is perhaps the overall elegance and fluidity that is most impressive. The way the skaters glide about the ice and complete incredibly technical movements at great speed and with such effortless grace. Every aspect made to look so easy. So composed. There’s a real passion that shines through too as each performer is given the chance to showcase their own individual artistry. Though each skater is used to training separately, and with different coaches from all over the world, the chemistry and timing displayed as a company demonstrates exceptional skill and a real dedication to the craft.

There’s a sense of relief on the faces of the skaters when salchows and axel jumps are executed successfully. There’s emotion, passion, drive. Routines are all presented so beautifully. With some of the male dancers, there’s a bravado and muscularity that radiates through, with fist pumps and celebrations injecting real energy into a packed out arena. Yes, there are some falls, but the audience comes through, and that overwhelming support and determination really lifts the performers back up again.

Hot Ice is now well established as a Blackpool institution, and is still performed in the same venue as it was when it first opened back in 1937, then the world’s first purpose-built ice rink. With flames, pyros, a thunderous score and superb visuals, Eternity is everything you could want from a Hot Ice production. If you are yet to experience a show live, get yourself down to Pleasure Beach Arena this summer and don’t miss this dazzling new production.

Running Time: 2 hours (approx.), including one 20-minute interval.

Final Performance at the Pleasure Beach Arena, Blackpool: Saturday 7th September 2024

For more information on Hot Ice Eternity, and to book tickets, please CLICK HERE.

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