National Portrait Gallery partners with SIX the Musical for a Tudor extravaganza this July! 👑

The National Portrait Gallery will be hosting a Gallery-wide musical takeover for one night only on 26 July 2024 to celebrate the opening of SIX Lives: The Stories of Henry VIII’s Queens, and SIX the Musicals SIXth Sensational year in London’s West End.

Featuring a special live performance from SIX the Musical cast members, dance workshops and a DJ set, to celebrate the lives and legacies of the six Tudor Queens.

The event will open with a stunning 10-minute costumed performance from the current stars of the West End hit, ahead of an evening of singing, dancing and a top-to-bottom Tudor takeover. Visitors are encouraged to wear their best historical garb and glitter-covered attire.

The evening will be filled with creative workshops including costume-handling sessions with pieces from SIX the Musical, Costumed life drawing and making sessions. Dance the night away with a DJ set from Drag performer Timberlina and workshops with SIX the Musical’s resident director and choreographer to learn the show’s dance numbers. Whether you’re a history-aficionado or a theatre fanatic, this ‘One of a Kind’ Late will have something for everyone.


SIX Queens Opening Performance

Entrance Foyer, 18.00-18.10

The evening will begin with a stunning 10-minute costumed performance by the six Queens from SIX the Musical, the current stars of the West-End production, singing a medley of songs from the show.

DJ Timberlina

Main Hall, DJ: 18.10-20.30, Singalong: 18.30, 19.00, 19.30, 20.00 and 20.30.

DJ Timberlina sets the tone for the night with a stellar playlist of tracks from SIX the Musicalsongs alongside anthems from leading female artists including Beyonce and Ariane Grande whose work inspired SIX. Take part and join in the singing as DJ Timberlina counts down every 30 minutes to a SIX sing-a-long.

Costume Handling Sessions

Across Floors 2 and 3


The costumes from SIX the Musical are inspired by the NPG’s own historical portraits of the Queens, as well as the famous looks of the pop Divas whose hit songs influenced its score. Drop-in to an object handling session and explore elements of the costumes and objects from SIX the Musical. Our knowledgeable volunteers will guide you, provide insights into the historical significance and art historical links in the designs, and answer your questions.

Costumed Life Drawing

Across Floors 2 and 3, 18.10-20.30

Try your hand at a costumed life drawing workshop, led by artist Robin-Lee Hall. There will be three models dressed as Tudor queens to choose from and all materials will be provided at our mass-participation drawing event!

Making Sessions

Floor 3, Room 18, 18.10-20.30

Get creative at this workshop with Jacqui Ansell, inspired by the art history behind SIX the Musical’s costumes. Activities include:

Paper Queens: Design your own outfit to dress the paper queen, with a silhouette of Tudor underwear and cut out pieces provided for you to assemble the historic layers of dress yourself.

The Head that wears the Crown: Each Queen had their own, very distinctive, headgear. For these powerful women rivalries and national distinctions were played out through these items of dress. We know less about the crowns that each would have worn (if at all). Create a crown that suits your personality, or that of one of the six queens.

Deciphering Cyphers: Inspired by Anne Boleyn’s ‘B’ jewellery in the famous NPG portrait, create a cypher out of your initials that could form the basis of a piece of jewellery that you would wear (as a cap badge, brooch or pendant), or gift to one of the six queens.

SIX Steps Dance Workshop

The Photography Studio

18.30, 19.00 and 19.30

Join our free and accessible dance workshop with SIX’s resident director and choreographer and be introduced to the show’s incredible dance numbers inspired by pop hits.

Six Sensational Queens

Ondaatje Wing Lecture Theatre

18.30, 19.00, 19.30 and 20.00

Join a 20-minute talk given by expert historians and gain further fascinating insights into the SIXinspirational Queens. Speakers include the curator of Six Lives, Dr. Charlotte Bolland and historical consultant Caroline Marcus.

Continue the celebrations with Tudor-themed refreshments at the Portrait Restaurant, presenting six new ways to toast the Queens’ legacy. Six twists on a Classic Spritz, each inspired by the unique history of each Queen, will be available on the top floor of the National Portrait Gallery, at The Portrait Restaurant by Richard Corrigan from 18th June. From Anne of Cleves’ German heritage to Katherine Parr’s everlasting resilience, each cocktail takes you on a journey through their six lives.

Drinks are paired with an exclusive coaster featuring artwork from the exhibition. The perfect way to continue your experience – whether post-exhibit, or pre-theatre!

For more information on the National Portrait Gallery SIX collaboration, please visit:

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