Jon Turteltaub confirms ‘National Treasure 3’ is being written & original main cast would return!

Speaking on the National Treasure Hunt podcast recently, director Jon Turteltaub said that he is “100%” confident a National Treasure 3 could happen, and that all the original cast would return if the film gets made, including Nicolas Cage.

Turteltaub also revealed that a script is currently being written, with producer Jerry Bruckheimer previously stating they have been working on a third instalment “for quite a while.”

If the script comes out close to good and you can see the finish line from where you are, we’re making the movie,” Turteltaub confirmed.

Nicolas Cage first starred as Benjamin Franklin Gates in National Treasure (2004) followed by a sequel, National Treasure: Book of Secrets (2007). Last year, Disney+ rebooted the franchise with a new series, National Treasure: Edge of History, though only Justin Bartha reprised his role as Riley Poole from the original films.

When asked if Cage and the rest of the original cast could come back, Turteltaub said: “100%. We do have to hurry because people are both getting older and less interested and lives are changing and all that.

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