Lausanne, Switzerland Celebrates 100 Years of Surrealism

On Sunday 19th May 2024, Lausanne, Switzerland is celebrating 100 years of the Surrealism manifesto with a day of events devoted to this iconic art and cultural movement.

The three museums of Plateforme 10 are joining forces for a day of exhibits and activities, which include:

A Surrealist portrait studio with photographer Audrey Piguet

A Poèmaton poetry booth

Karaokecouché (lying-down karaoke)

A DJ set and dance party with Campingpong

Hopscotch on the esplanade to help you embrace your inner child

Guided micro-visits of the exhibition Man Ray: Liberating photography

Plateforme 10: A Century of Surrealism (March – August 2024)

It’s not just about Sunday 19th May – this year, Plateforme 10 celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Surrealism manifesto from March until August, with a programme of exhibitions across various artistic disciplines in its arts district, encompassing fine arts, photography, and design.

This is set to include:

‘Le Grand Jeu’ at MCBA – An exploration of the Surrealists’ fascination with games (such as tarot, dice, and games of chance), seen as means to liberate society and art.

‘Libérer la photographie’ at Photo Elysée – A tribute to Man Ray, the legendary photographer associated with the Dadaists and Surrealists, focusing on his groundbreaking contributions to photography.

‘Objects of Desire, Surrealism and Design 1924- today’ and ‘L’art verrier surréaliste’ at mudac – These exhibitions delve into the world of Surrealist art and design, showcasing a blend of historical and contemporary works.

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