The Folio Society to publish stunning new edition of Madeline Miller’s ‘The Song of Achilles’

The Folio Society has announced a stunning new edition of Madeline Miller’s acclaimed debut novel, The Song of Achilles, which will be available from 7 May 2024 exclusively via

A modern literary sensation that has captivated readers worldwide, The Song of Achilles weaves together elements of romance, mythology, and adventure set against the backdrop of ancient Greece.

A retelling of The Iliad, Miller’s extraordinary novel explores the story of the Trojan War as seen through the eyes of Patroclus, closest friend to its greatest hero, Achilles. Patroclus, an exiled prince, forms an unlikely bond with the formidable Achilles despite their differences, and as they mature into skilled warriors, their relationship deepens – but so does the disapproval of Achilles’s mother, Thetis. When Helen of Sparta is kidnapped, Achilles is called to fulfil his destiny in Troy, leading Patroclus to a journey of love and fear that will test their bond to its limits.

Award-winning artist Julie Dillon’s illustrations adorn the glorious binding and slipcase, and are woven throughout the novel, with five entrancing full-page images and a double-page spread that perfectly depict this timeless tale of love, friendship, and destiny.

In this new edition, acclaimed classicist Emily Wilson introduces Miller’s masterpiece, offering insights into its timeless allure thirteen years after its original publication. The exclusive new introduction was a dream come true for Madeline, with Wilson lauding Miller’s ‘extraordinary skill’ whilst sharing her own adoration for the novel the spell it casts on old and new readers alike.

Working closely with Madeline Miller, The Folio Society’s new edition of The Song of Achilles is a true celebration of the novel, with meticulous attention to detail evident in every aspect of its production. From character portrayal to scene selection, all artwork was developed with the reader’s journey in mind, whilst remaining faithful to the alluring spirit of the original work.

The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller will be available on 7 May 2024 exclusively via for £60

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