Latest Review – Cluedo 2 [The Lowry, Salford]


The Lowry, Salford Quays

Until Saturday 6 April 2024

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Following the success of Cluedo, the hit original stage play based on the iconic whodunit board game, the classic murder mystery characters now return for Cluedo 2, a brand new chapter in the Cluedo theatrical universe, which now transports the action to a large country manor house just outside London in the latter stages of the swinging 60s.

With a script by Marks and Gran (Birds of a Feather, Goodnight Sweetheart) and direction by Mark Bell (The Play That Goes Wrong), Cluedo 2 seemingly has a lot going for it, but it all proves a disappointingly sluggish and lacklustre affair, with weak jokes, a serious lack of pace and a poor script. In fact, the only real mystery here is how the production even made it to the stage at all in its current form.

You would expect so much more given the strength of the creative team – and the official HASBRO license – but the whole thing is just flat, lacking any real sense of energy or suspense. It all feels more in-keeping with a pantomime or spoof than the comedy mystery they are striving for. Clunking, obvious jokes, dull, one dimensional characters and a bland, static staging, with no real moments of tension or visual flair to help elevate things.

There are some nice touches, however. The scene changes are fun and well executed, there are a couple of nice twists, and the general Cluedo references and designs are used to good effect, but that is really all Cluedo 2 has going for it.

The cast do what they can with the material and clearly have fun with the roles – Jack Bennett as Wadsworth and Dawn Buckland as Mrs White being the particular standouts – but they are doomed from the off.

There’s definitely potential, sure, but as things stand there’s a lot of work needed to turn things around. Removing the interval and sharpening the running time to a tight 80-minutes or so certainly wouldn’t hurt!

Running Time: 1 hour and 50 minutes (approx.), including one 15-minute interval.

Final Performance at The Lowry, Salford Quays: Saturday 6 April 2024

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