Illusionaries presents latest immersive exhibition ‘Latent Spaces’ at London’s new experiential art hub

Doors are now open for “Latent Spaces”, the latest exhibition at London’s acclaimed and newest experiential art hub, Illusionaries.

Members of the public will step into a unique multisensory world exclusively created by Illusionaries, to experience the latest immersive audio-visual art at the Canary Wharf venue.

Latent Spaces” comes from the mind of Illusionaries’ newest creative, generative artist Markos Kay. His artistic creations will be presented inside the venue’s hypnotic world, enabling visitors to experience a dazzling fusion of art and technology. Kay, a disabled multidisciplinary artist, uses animation and artificial intelligence to showcase immersive art in ways never ever seen before.

Located at Crossrail Place in Canary Wharf, the captivating immersive exploration takes audiences on a journey through four distinct and captivating spaces within Illusionaries. Each room explores a different narrative of the relationship between artificial intelligence and humanity’s collective unconscious as part of “Latent Spaces”, blurring the lines between reality and illusion.

Markos Kay’s breathtaking visuals are a collage of refined artworks, designed through two decades of experimenting with digital art which will be presented to the public for the first time in this format.

The new exhibition features a soundtrack specially composed by music designer and producer, Jesse Solomon Clark. Clark is a familiar name in the world of art and has become a staple for compositions for large-scale installations around the world, including Living Canvas in Dublin; The Spheres conservator in Seattle; and The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas.

Illusionaries Presents Latent Spaces

Taking visitors on a transcendent linear journey through the senses, the four rooms include:

“Formations Space”: The first room for “Latent Spaces” envelops its audience in its compelling universe, using mirrors, light, sound and reflection to straight away totally immerse onlookers within its narrative.

“Complexity Space”: In this second space, audiences will witness dazzling animations depicting the birth of never-before seen environments and lifeforms all beyond our wildest imaginations, with captivating and enchanting 360° visuals.

“Agents Space”: Connecting Illusionaries’ penultimate and final rooms is an intricately detailed series of corridors, entitled the ‘Agents Space’. Here the audience becomes a part of the art, bridging the digital art with the artificial intelligence ‘agents’.

“Breathing Space”: The final arena of “Latent Spaces” invites participants to reflect on the experience in the company of breathing otherworldly creatures, born through artificial intelligence, beamed in circular projections within an enchanting and meditative garden environment.

“Latent Spaces” is now open at Illusionaries in Canary Wharf, London’s newest multisensory art experience. Tickets are now on sale via

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