Stephen Fry releases new anthology of ‘Ghost Stories’ on Audible

As the days grow shorter and the temperature drops, Halloween approaches. Come, brave listener, pull up a chair, and spend some time with master storyteller Stephen Fry as he tells us some of his favourite ghost stories of all time, in truly terrifying spatial audio.

From the headless horseman of Sleepy Hollow to the tortured spirits of M.R. James, from Edgar Allan Poe’s terrifying tale of a doppelganger to Charlotte Riddell’s Open Door that should definitely stay shut, join Stephen as he tells you some truly terrifying tales of ghosts and ghouls, spirits and phantasms, spectres and apparitions.

Stephen Fry said:

“I have always enjoyed ghost stories and tales of the supernatural, drawn in by the same thrill we all feel at the hint of danger and the lure of the unknown. The 1800s were the heyday for ghost stories. Many a bookshelf held well-thumbed volumes of these spooky tales, and many a parlour was the stage for the sharing of these tales with rapt listeners, especially when the nights drew in. I have wandered through my library to find a few of my favourite ghost stories those which stay with me, haunt my imagination and emerge fresh in my mind as I traverse a shadowy stairwell or when the trees scratch at the window on a stormy night.”

Ghost Stories: Stephen Fry’s Definitive Collection is available to preorder from Audible now at

Listener discretion is advised.

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