Experience a Bolt of Brilliance with ‘Detective Pikachu Returns,’ available now only on Nintendo Switch!

Detective Pikachu Returns is now available exclusively for Nintendo Switch systems at retail and digitally via Nintendo eShop.

Unravel the mystery of Tim Goodman’s missing father, Harry Goodman, and find answers to other curious incidents occurring within Ryme City—a place where humans and Pokémon live side by side.

The Detective Pikachu Returnsvideo game builds on the previous title in the series and includes new and exciting ways to investigate mysteries.


  • Solve head-scratching cases with Pokémon – With the help of Detective Pikachu, interview Pokémon and humans to gather clues and solve cases. Some Pokémon may even use their special skills to assist with investigations. For example, use Growlithe’s sharp sense of smell to track down scents and evidence, or hop onto Luxray’s back and use its ability to see through walls and obstacles.
  • Meet a cast of intriguing characters – Follow the journey of Tim Goodman, a mild-mannered student at Ryme University with a sharp eye for investigation, and a gruff, tough-talking Pikachu who calls himself a great detective. Pikachu is the partner of Tim’s missing father—and curiously, Tim is the only one who can understand what Pikachu is saying. You’ll also meet new characters, including Rachel Myers, a student with a deep love and knowledge of Pokémon; Howard Myers, the mayor of Ryme City; and Sophia Goodman, Tim’s little sister who is visiting Ryme City during her school holiday.
  • Be in charge of your own adventure – Enjoy Story Jump Mode and play episodes in any order. Replay previously completed episodes or skip ahead to episodes you have yet to play—the choice is yours.
  • Two heads are better than one – Consult Detective Pikachu when things get tough for hints and guidance. Still need help deducing an investigation? You can choose to activate the correct selection indicator to reveal the path forward.

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