Evanescence celebrates 20th anniversary of ‘FALLEN’ with Deluxe Edition reissues!

Craft Recordings will celebrate the 20th anniversary of Evanescence’s enduring debut album, FALLEN, with a series of collectible Deluxe Edition reissues.

One of the best-selling albums of all time, and the sixth best-selling album of the 21st century, FALLEN (20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition) will be available on 2-LP, 2-CD, and Digital formats from 17 November 2023, as well as a Super Deluxe Edition collector’s box set (available exclusively via Evanescence.com) arriving in February 2024.

The reissue will offer newly remastered audio, including the album’s global chart-topping singles “My Immortal,” “Going Under,” “Everybody’s Fool,” and the GRAMMY®-winning smash hit, “Bring Me To Life.” The expanded set also includes a trove of bonus material – ten tracks in all – comprising previously unreleased demos and live recordings plus a selection of rare B-sides.

Alongside reimagined artwork, all physical formats will include previously unseen photos from the era, plus a handwritten foreword by frontwoman Amy Lee, who oversaw all aspects of the reissue. The classic black 2-LP set is available wide, with limited color pressings also available from select retailers including Blue Smoke (via Target), White and Purple Marble (via Barnes & Noble), Pink and Black Marble (via Indie Retail), and a unique Black & Silver blend (via Evanescence.com). Housed in a collectible shadow box-style package (inspired by Lee’s songwriting journal cover art), the limited edition Super Deluxe Box Set includes all of the above-mentioned music as part of a 2-LP set (featuring the Black & Silver blend vinyl) plus a bonus cassette of previously unreleased demos and voice notes which is exclusive to this box set.

Adding additional insight into the album is an expansive book that features new track-by-track notes from Lee, while a zoetropic turntable slip-mat, featuring Evanescence’s classic “e” logo, plus a set of rare photo prints and enamel pin set round out the collection.

Fallen (20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition) Tracklist (Vinyl) Side A

1. Going Under2. Bring Me To Life3. Everybody’s Fool4. My Immortal5. Haunted6. Tourniquet Side B

1. Imaginary2. Taking Over Me3. Hello4. My Last Breath5. Whisper Side C

1. My Immortal (Band Version)2. Breathe No More3. Farther Away4. Missing5. My Immortal (strings version)*Side D

1. Bring Me To Life (demo 2002)*2. Bring Me To Life (AOL session 4/15/2003)*3. Going Under (live Madrid 40 PP)*4. Bring Me To Life (live MMM acoustic 2020)*5. My Immortal (live 2022)* *Previously-unreleased Fallen (20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition) Tracklist (CD/Digital)1. Going Under2. Bring Me To Life3. Everybody’s Fool4. My Immortal5. Haunted6. Tourniquet7. Imaginary8. Taking Over Me9. Hello10. My Last Breath11. Whisper12. My Immortal (Band Version)13. Breathe No More14. Farther Away15. Missing16. My Immortal (strings version)*17. Bring Me To Life (demo 2002)*18. Bring Me To Life (AOL session 4/15/2003)*19. Going Under (live Madrid 40 PP)*20. Bring Me To Life (live MMM acoustic 2020)*21. My Immortal (live 2022)* *Previously-unreleased Cassette Tracklist (from the Fallen 20th Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition) ** Side A

  1. Imaginary (demo 10.10.01)
  2. Whisper (demo 10.10.01)
  3. Haunted (demo 10.10.01)
  4. Everybody’s Fool (final demo 10.03.02)
  5. Taking Over Me (demo  11.15.01)
  6. Missing (final demo 10.03.02)

Side B

  1. Going Under (demo 8.8.02)
  2. Tourniquet (demo 7.24.02)
  3. My Last Breath (demo 11.15.01)
  4. Bring Me To Life (demo 3.18.02)
  5. Fallen Voice notes

** all tracks previously unreleased

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