Marvel Comics to reprint rare mutant moments in ‘ROM AND THE X-MEN: MARVEL TALES #1’

Earlier this year, Marvel Comics announced the return of a comic book icon: ROM!

Thanks to an exciting new collaboration between Marvel and Hasbro, fans can enjoy the adventures of this popular toy turned Marvel super hero in the form of long-awaited collections, including the upcoming Rom Omnibus Vol. 1 and this week’s Facsimile Edition of ROM #1.

Then, in December, see rare mutant moments reprinted for the very first time in ROM AND THE X-MEN: MARVEL TALES #1.

Over the course of his hit solo series by industry legends Bill Mantlo and Sal Buscema, Rom the Spaceknight proved to be a pivotal figure in the Marvel Universe and fought alongside its greatest super hero teams including the Avengers, the Fantastic Four, and the X-Men.

ROM AND THE X-MEN: MARVEL TALES #1 collects ROM (1979) #17-18 and ROM (1979) #31-32, showcasing Rom’s first encounter with the Children of the Atom and more!

During his classic adventures hunting the vile Dire Wraiths on Earth, Rom became embroiled in the affairs of mutantdom as he teamed up with the Uncanny X-Men, fought against the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, and even inspired Rogue in a startling turning point towards her journey towards heroism!

In ROM (1979) #17-18, Rom and the X-Men are searching for the offspring of a Dire Wraith and a human, a creature known as Hybrid – which Cerebro has detected as a mutant! But as they clash over their target, Rom gets a taste of his own medicine courtesy of Kitty Pryde! Then, in ROM (1979) #31-32, the Galadorian hero battles Mystique’s villainous mutant team — including future X-Men stalwart, Rogue – before teaming up with them for a rematch against Hybrid!

Throughout the year, Marvel Tales celebrates the legacy of the House of Ideas with amazing collections of classic issues, re-presented with brand-new covers!

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