Step into the Serene World of Japanese Culture at The Prince Akatoki, Marylebone

From September to December 2023, The Prince Akatoki’s The Malt Lounge & Bar in Marylebone, is hosting a series of interactive cultural workshops inspired by traditional Japanese crafts and arts.

The workshops include the ceremonial practice of preparing and presenting tea, calming the mind through the art of Japanese writing, learning the geometric patterns of folding origami, the ancient wrapping technique of furoshiki, and kintsugi, repairing fractured ceramics.

Guests are invited to step into the serene world of Japanese culture at The Prince Akatoki, to discover a new skill this autumn, ideal for couples, families and groups of friends alike. As the festive season approaches, the intimate classes offer a unique opportunity to create handmade Christmas gifts while learning a new skill from masters of their craft. All workshops include a refreshing cocktail or Sake along with Japanese-inspired snacks and canapés, in keeping with the hotel’s philosophy of harmoniously blending East and West.

The Japanese Tea Ceremonies are held by esteemed Japanese Tea Master, Keiko Uchida, hailing from Tokyo, Japan, with over 25 years’ experience in the trade. During the ceremony, Uchida enlightens guests about the history of green tea, and the philosophy and cultural background behind the ceremony, which can involve gardening, textiles, architecture, calligraphy and food. Uchida demonstrates how to prepare and serve a cup of matcha tea, guiding guests on the traditional way of serving and drinking in public, with traditional manners. The workshop includes Akashi-Tai Sparkling Sake and a Japanese-inspired cream tea.

Japanese Tea Ceremony

The Prince Akatoki welcomes Origami Master Alice Stern, from Alice Sushi Art for a series of workshops teaching the mesmerising art of Origami Folding. The therapeutic experience is accompanied by Japanese cocktails and a delectable Bento Box, thoughtfully crafted to deliver the authentic flavours of Japan and transport guests to the country’s vibrant culinary scene.

The Calligraphy Workshops are hosted by calligraphy master and Sumi Painting artist Akemi Lucas. Lucas’ workshop guides guests towards the fascinating world of Japanese writing, accompanied by delectable canapés and Japanese inspired cocktails. Akemi Lucas has studied calligraphy from the age of eight and was given her artist name ‘Koshu’. She has crafted a distinctive style that harmoniously blends the past and present, and unites the eastern and western influences.

The perfect skill to acquire for sustainably minded Christmas shoppers, Furoshiki is the elegant art of gift-wrapping and carrying things in your daily life with just one piece of fabric (no ties or tape). For this historical Japanese tradition, The Prince Akatoki welcomes Tamukurya Boutique, an experienced teacher in the 2000 year old practice. Embedded in the philosophy of Mottaini (not-to-waste), the workshop includes a short history of furoshiki and a variety of useful, multi-functional wrapping techniques which help reduce plastic usage.  The workshop includes a selection of gifts for loved ones, as well as an Otoso Cocktail, the Japanese take on a mulled wine with sake and spices.

Esteemed Master, Iku Nishikawa takes over The Malt Lounge & Bar for four workshops, to guide guests through the craft of Kintsugi. Translating as ‘gold-mend’, kintsugi is the unique and arbitrary process of repairing broken ceramics using traditional methods. The act of mending broken fragments and using an urushi tonoko or rice flour glue mixed with precious metals speaks to the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi, embracing imperfections and finding beauty in the transient nature of life. The Kintsugi experience will be paired with a refreshing 135 East Hyogo Dry Gin Cocktail.

With a myriad of ways to embrace the change in seasons, The Prince Akatoki is the ideal destination to hunker down this autumn and enjoy a tranquil Japanese twist on traditional Christmas festivities. Along with creative workshops, the hotel is home to TOKii restaurant, serving festive menus throughout December and the Malt Lounge & Bar, offering a rotating selection of winter tipples to choose from.

For more information, and to view the full calendar of events, please CLICK HERE.

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