Mysterious sci-fi adventure ‘SOMERVILLE’ launches on PlayStation

Thunderful and JUMPSHIP have announced that their stunning sci-fi adventure, SOMERVILLE has now launched on PlayStation.

The release of the much-anticipated soundtrack by artist Dominique Charpentier will also be available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Steam, GoG and PC in the next few months.

In this narrative sci-fi adventure, you step into a world hit by an otherworldly invasion. Discover the intimate repercussions of large scale conflict as you explore a rich and atmospheric world transformed by catastrophe on your way to making your family whole again. This will be JUMPSHIP’s first release since being acquired by Thunderful in November 2022.

SOMERVILLE challenges you with solving a series of puzzles in an altered landscape affected by a strange alien sediment. With your protagonist discovering the ability to manipulate it in a variety of ways, SOMERVILLE keeps new ideas coming over the course of its atmospheric journey.

As you explore SOMERVILLE, the devastation left behind by the invading alien force and those who resisted will tell its own story without a word being spoken. The alien lifeforms from which you must flee or hide on this adventure might just provide clues to delve even deeper into the true meaning of this conflict and unlock multiple endings that help reveal the true significance of the strange events to which you bear witness.

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