A Strange Obelisk, Psionic Goblins & Underground Adventures Await in ‘Phandelver and Below: The Shattered Obelisk’

A growing settlement for trade and prospecting, Phandalin is a sleepy village in the northern region of the Sword Coast. Unbeknownst to anyone, something horrible lurks in the darkness below, and it threatens all of Phandalin. If left unchecked, this threat could consume all of Faerun. It’s up to the characters to save the day!

Phandelver and Below: The Shattered Obelisk returns players to the location of the first Starter Set for the fifth edition of Dungeons & Dragons, but the stakes now are much higher and more challenging.

This new adventure takes parties from level 1 to 12. It includes a fresh take on the town of Phandalin, new secrets for players to discover, and unexpected story twists that lead the characters deep into the Underdark and beyond.

The quest to avert impending doom is available on 19 September with early access to digital content on D&D Beyond on 5 September. After the encounters in the Lost Mine of Phandelver are presented, a brand-new journey unfolds that is tinged with horror as well as new creatures and magic items.

An evil and growing corruption has warped some new creatures beyond recognition. Multiple dungeons and new maps of the Phandalin region will keep parties enthralled while discovering the source of the corruption and how to stop it from taking over Faerun.


  • Offers Dungeon Masters and players a chance to test their mettle in a classic dungeon crawl
  • Retains the beloved Lost Mine of Phandelver quests that unfold into a brand-new adventure with classic D&D themes and a tinge of horror
  • Presents a bestiary with more than 20 new creatures that showcase psionic magic, mutates, and more
  • Provides a magic appendix that includes new consumable metamagic items and duergar magic
  • Includes a double-sided poster map with the Phandalin region on one side and the town of Phandalin plus multiple dungeons featured throughout the adventure on the other
  • 200 pages of high fantasy adventure

Phandelver and Below: The Shattered Obelisk is available as a digital only product through D&D Beyond, as a physical book at local game stores, or as a digital/physical product bundle through dndstore.wizards.com.

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