Define your legacy in ‘F1® MANAGER 2023,’ out now on PC & console! 🏎

Frontier Developments is welcoming new and returning Team Principals to the Pit Wall in F1® MANAGER 2023, the latest instalment in an officially licensed Formula 1® management simulation series, out now on PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store, PlayStation® 5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation® 4 and Xbox One.

In F1® MANAGER 2023, players can choose to lead their team to glory during career spanning decades or take on single-race scenarios crafted with real life F1® data in the brand-new Race Replay mode.

Team Principals will be responsible for every facet of their team’s development, from the first day at the factory through to the precise commands relayed to their all-star driver pairing. On track, the action accelerates with stunning broadcast-style visuals and immersive team radio bringing every moment of drama to life.

Race Replay is a brand-new game mode which puts players at the heart of the 2023 FIA Formula One World Championship™, presenting them with two unique ways to re-write the outcomes from races throughout the season. In Starting Grid, players will take control of a team of their choice in a full race which accurately replicates the precise race conditions and grid positions from a real-life Grand Prix™ whereas Race Moments challenge fans to take the reins part-way through the race, during a pivotal or defining moment as they aim to complete a set objective before the chequered flag is waved. New Starting Grid and Race Moment scenarios will be added after each thrilling real-world race in the 2023 season, challenging players to improve on the season’s real results and demonstrate their ability to change the course of real races.

Players who want to answer some of the biggest ‘What If’ questions in F1® can expand their experience with F1® MANAGER 2023: DELUXE EDITION. In addition to the base game, fans can test their skills with an additional 12 Exclusive Scenarios which are comprised of Starting Grid and Race Moments, tackling hypothetical challenges. Who would claim victory if every car was equal? Can players recover from the back of the grid to take victory in ‘Raging Bull’, or guide their drivers to success with unexpected circuit conditions pushing the track and tyre temperatures to extremes at the FORMULA 1 QATAR GRAND PRIX in ‘Scorcher’? The Deluxe Edition allows players to put these questions and more to the test.

Meanwhile in the returning Career Mode, players are invited to go even deeper with team management in 2023. Mitigate against costly pit-stop errors or improve pit-stop times by training your pitcrew via the new Sporting Director staff member and bring substantial new upgrades to race weekends by developing new components, finely balancing performance, weight, and cost. F1® MANAGER 2023 also features the full roster of 2023 drivers and staff members, with fully simulated F2™ and F3™ Championships producing fresh new talent to replace stars as they age or suffer poor race results. Opt for an immediate driver switch or look to the future by offering a contract for the following season, establishing a dream team to deliver success.

During each race weekend, players must use their strategic decision-making skills to guide their drivers to success, utilising the new driver confidence and tactics system, fluctuating track conditions and even individual tyre temperatures to inform when and how hard to push their stars in the pursuit of points. Claiming the top of the podium won’t be easy, however, with improved reactions and strategic planning from competitor teams aiming to take victory in dramatic wheel-to-wheel races. Knowing where to find the line between the perfect lap and the gravel trap or a corner-collision with a rival is more vital than ever before.

Team Principals will feel the thrill of every lap in a stunning recreation of the broadcast experience as drivers go wheel-to-wheel across six F1® Sprint events and all 23 circuits, including the brand-new Las Vegas Strip Circuit™. Experience unmatched realism as the action unfolds from multiple trackside and onboard cameras, including the immersive new visor camera, and hear every command brought to life by an expanded pool of real F1 team radio, with key moments highlighted by the returning commentary team of David Croft and Karun Chandhok.

The first planned post-launch update for F1® MANAGER 2023 will arrive in early September, allowing players to extend their legacy in career mode by accepting a job offer from a rival team based on their performance. New scenarios for Race Replay mode will release following each real-world race.

F1® MANAGER 2023 will also be available physically on PlayStation® 5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation® 4 and Xbox One at a later date.

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