Alon Zakaim Fine Art presents exhibition of new works by British artist Patrick Hughes

Alon Zakaim Fine Art, the premier destination for Impressionist, Modern, and Contemporary art, has announced the launch of ‘The Newest Perspective,’ a new exhibition featuring the works of celebrated British artist Patrick Hughes, running until 8 September 2023.

The exhibition will showcase twenty-five new works by Hughes, including his latest development in Reverspectives, “Solid Hollows”, and the new multiple edition Paree (2023). The exhibition coincides with the release of Patrick Hughes’s new book: “The Newest Perspective”.


Hughes, a key figure in contemporary British painting and the pioneer of Reverspective art, has captivated audiences with his extraordinary illusionary works. Hughes’s Reverspectives are constructed using wooden pyramids in perspective, but with the furthest point of the space represented closest to the viewer. This unique approach creates a mind-bending illusion where the paintings seem to move seamlessly as the viewer’s perspective shifts. The

Hollow Dice is Hughes’s latest innovation in Reverspective, promising to push the boundaries of perception and visual experience even further.

The exhibition will offer visitors an opportunity to immerse themselves in Patrick Hughes’s intriguing world of illusion and perspective. His paintings combine depth and narrative to challenge viewers’ understanding of space and vision. The carefully crafted works invite audiences to question their own perception and engage in an interactive exploration of the paradoxical nature of reality.

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To complement the exhibition, Alon Zakaim Fine Art will host a panel discussion on “The Art of Illusion” with Patrick Hughes himself. The panel will be moderated by James Runcie, a British novelist, documentary filmmaker, television producer, and theatre director. Joining them will be Paul Kieve, a world-leading theatre illusionist and member of the Magic Circle, known for his exceptional magical effects, and Professor Brian Rogers, Emeritus Professor of Experimental Psychology at Pembroke College, who has co-authored a paper with Patrick on “The Hollow Dice and Reverspectives”.

The panel discussion will take place at the gallery on Wednesday 2 August between 6pm – 8.30pm, and will be live streamed on Instagram Live @Alonzakaimfineart, offering a global audience the chance to engage with these experts and gain invaluable insights into the art and illusion.

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