Boutique hotel Le Farnatchi launches new partnership with spa brand Botanika Marrakech

Le Farnatchi, a luxury, boutique riad in the heart of the Marrakech Medina, has launched a new partnership with Marrakech-born spa brand Botanika Marrakech, elevating the spa destination with a new range of natural, invigorating treatments.

This recent collaboration mirrors Le Farnatchi’s commitment to locality and sustainability, as well as bringing Botanika‘s expertise in holistic therapies and luxurious spa rituals to Le Farnatchi.

BOTANIKA, a name synonymous with natural beauty and wellness, brings its expertise in holistic therapies and luxurious spa rituals to Le Farnatchi. The collaboration is set to provide guests with an unparalleled oasis of relaxation amidst the vibrant energy of Marrakech.

With its harmonious blend of Moroccan traditions and contemporary design, Le Farnatchi and BOTANIKA Marrakech invite guests to embark on a sensory journey where time stands still. The spa’s serene ambiance, enhanced by soothing music and enchanting fragrances, sets the stage for an unforgettable experience of indulgence and self-care.

Riad Farnatchi Spa, Marrakech. Photo by Alan Keohane

Guests will have the opportunity to choose from a curated selection of rejuvenating treatments, including the traditional hammam, inspired by the ancestral values of the Moroccan beauty rituals, made with innovative and effective products, based on argan oil and argan leaf extract.

A range of invigorating massages will also be available for a variety of needs from ‘Tension Relief’, ‘Head, Neck and Shoulders’, and foot massages. In addition, guests can also opt for a new revitalising facial, using BOTANIKA Marrakech face care products which are the result of several years of research and development to perfect products adapted to different skin types and problems.

Le Farnatchi’s team of expert therapists, trained in ancient Moroccan techniques and modern wellness practices, will deliver tailored treatments that cater to the unique needs and desires of each guest.

Saida, Spa Manager at Le Farnatchi comments:

“Our spa team is excited to be working with BOTANIKA Marrakech on an innovative collection of spa treatments for Le Farnatchi, epitomising a harmonious blend of holistic principles and organic practices within the realm of beauty.”

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