Show off your Pokémon cards & win prizes with the Pokémon TCG Collection Contest this summer!

The Pokémon Company International has announced the launch of the Pokémon TCG Collection Contest, a new online competition for collectors in the UK, France and Germany to showcase their Pokémon Trading Card Game (TCG) collections and win prizes.The Pokémon TCG is one of the most popular trading card games in the world: since its launch in 1996 in Japan, the Pokémon TCG has shipped to 77 countries and regions in 13 languages, and its next expansion, Scarlet & Violet—Obsidian Flames, will release at participating retailers worldwide beginning 11 August 2023.

This summer, the Pokémon TCG Collection Contest gives Pokémon TCG collectors and enthusiasts the opportunity to show off their favourite cards, old or new, for everyone to see.


From 9 a.m. BST on 7 July 2023 until 8 a.m. BST on 1 Sept. 2023, Pokémon TCG collectors and fans in the U.K., France and Germany can submit photos of their prized collections and beloved cards on the Pokémon TCG Collection Contest WEBSITE. The competition offers a different challenge every two weeks for Pokémon fans to proudly showcase their cards:

  1. Round 1—Favourite Collection: entrants can show off their favourite Pokémon TCG collections.
  2. Round 2—Storage & Display: entrants can show off how they store and display their Pokémon TCG collections.
  3. Round 3—Coveted Cards: entrants can show off Pokémon TCG cards that are special to them.
  4. Round 4—Favourite Pokémon: entrants can show off their Pokémon TCG collections featuring their favourite Pokémon.


Winners and runners-up in the U.K., France and Germany will be announced every two weeks, starting with Round 1 on 24 July 2023, and they will receive exciting prizes to grow their Pokémon TCG collections, including products from the Scarlet & Violet Series and TCG accessories.Visit the Pokémon TCG Collection Contest for more information on how to enter and prizes:

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