Posterspy launches Kickstarter campaign for new artbook ‘Aleksander Walijewski: Alternative Posters’

Posterspy has announced the launch of a new Kickstarter campaign for “Aleksander Walijewski: Alternative Posters,” an awe-inspiring artbook showcasing the remarkable talent of artist Aleksander Walijewski.

The campaign aims to raise £3500 within the next 30 days to bring this Limited Edition book to life.

Walijewski’s unique artistic style has intrigued movie poster fans and film lovers around the world, and “Alternative Posters” will offer a captivating collection of his finest works. By blending elements of illustration and design inspired by the Polish School of Posters, Walijewski creates visually stunning art that pushes the boundaries of traditional movie poster design. This artbook is a must-have for art enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Aleksander Walijewski: Alternative Posters © Posterspy

Jack, the founder of Posterspy, comments:

“If we don’t get funded in 30 days, the book will never be made. This artbook is a testament to Walijewski’s incredible talent, and it deserves to be out there in the world, inspiring and captivating art lovers. With just £3500 and the support of approximately 150 backers, we can make this dream a reality.”

Aleksander Walijewski: Alternative Posters © Posterspy

The Limited Edition of “Aleksander Walijewski: Alternative Posters” will consist of only 500 copies, each hand-numbered to ensure its exclusivity.

By supporting the Kickstarter campaign, backers will have the opportunity to own one or more of these numbered copies and be part of a select group of individuals who appreciate the beauty and artistry within its pages.

For more information, and to back the campaign, please CLICK HERE.

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