Introducing ‘halibuts’ – The new go-to source for live music in London!

Londoners no longer need to search multiple sites to find out what’s going on in their area or spend hours researching what gig is on where. It can all be found in one place via halibuts.

halibuts is the new go-to source for music lovers and the only site which provides all of London’s live music information. We haven’t had this before.

It’s completely free to use and it lists every single live music performance and event, taking place in London. halibuts covers every music genre – from rap and classical to folk and rock, and every single live music venue, from the Royal Albert Hall (capacity 5,272) to Green Note, Camden (capacity 25).

It is not a ticket site. halibuts is an essential music tool created purely to deliver public service information to Londoners. It’s unique because it’s completely bias-free with no reviews, recommendations, adverts, or affiliations through ticket sales. Unlike other sites which include some live music information, halibuts provides a complete list of what’s on and this hasn’t been done before.

The music information is clear and complete and easy to obtain with filters for genre, date, venue, location and borough, with the option to also search for free events only. It’s easy to use, impartial and to the point.

For all your live music information visit – the go-to place for London’s music lovers.

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