Epic theatrical spectacle ‘THE MONGOL KHAN’ to play a strictly limited season at The London Coliseum from November 2023!

The epic Mongolian production of the theatrical spectacle THE MONGOL KHAN will play a strictly limited season at The London Coliseum from 17th November to 2nd December 2023 having played to packed houses in Mongolia for over a year.

Based on historical events, THE MONGOL KHAN is a lavish, large-scale production featuring an ensemble of over 70 performers. The production explores the evolution of Mongolian culture through a gripping story, brought to life with a stunning original score, dance, puppetry, and elaborate sets and costumes inspired by traditional nomadic culture.

Photo by Bolor-Erdene Baljinnyam

Oyun-Erdene Luvsannamsrai, The Prime Minister of Mongolia said:

Welcome to Mongolia! 2023-2025 are ‘The Years to Visit Mongolia’. We are landlocked, but not mind-locked so come and see what we have to offer and enjoy a holiday of a lifetime. To celebrate the 60th anniversary of diplomatic ties between Mongolia and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the classic play The Mongol Khan will play at the London Coliseum. The very first time a Mongolian play has been presented to a European audience, The Mongol Khan offers audiences a unique insight into the mentality and philosophy of early eastern civilisations.”

Photo by Bolor-Erdene Baljinnyam

The Mongolian creators are now collaborating with an international team of world-renowned artists and practitioners on the show’s development, including prolific historian and travel writer John Man, an expert in Mongolian history and culture.

This spectacular production celebrates 60 years of Anglo-Mongolian relations and cultural exchange. Bordered by China and Russia, Mongolia is one of the world’s best kept secrets as a travel destination for adventure-fuelled people and lovers of luxury alike. Captivating, rugged expanses, stunningly beautiful landscapes, a vast unspoilt wilderness, extremely welcoming people and nomadic tribes with rich traditions, Mongolia has it all.

THE MONGOL KHAN serves as an introduction to the country and its history, giving audiences and would-be travellers a taste of the rich culture of this remarkable nation.

THE MONGOL KHAN was written in 1998 by renowned Mongolian writer and poet Lkhagvasuren Bavuu and was revived in April 2022 at the Mongolian State Academic Theatre of Drama. The production takes inspiration from historical events, archaeological findings, traditional nomadic dances, and the music of the ancient Hun culture of Central Asia from the period of the Hunnic Empire.

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