Experience an immersive new-world theatrical cocktail adventure with ‘AVORA’

Pass through the newly discovered gateway and enter the magical world of AVORA, an immersive new-world theatrical cocktail experience, set amongst a lush natural environment.

Guests forage for their cocktails and decide whether to join an underground resistance to protect AVORA or mine this new wonder of its beauty for financial gain.

AVORA is a one-of-a-kind theatrical cocktail experience where guests are briefed by a team of scientists and botanists, meet with natives to create bespoke cocktails and make a mortal decision on the fate of the newly discovered world.

Pushing the boundaries of immersive cocktail experiences and entertainment, guests will discover a brand-new world engulfed in mystery and wonder brought to life through awe-inspiring theatrical sets and a cast of talented actors.

Committed to becoming the world’s first carbon neutral immersive experience, the fictional themes found within the experience reflect some of the real-world issues we face today.

Lying behind a secret gateway that can only be accessed via billionaire CEO Geoff Rosbourne’s ‘Roscorp Laboratory’, the new world of AVORA is ready and waiting to be explored. Roscorp’s new special ops recruits will begin their journey in the laboratory where they will prepare for their mission on Avora by pulling on a purpose-built jumpsuit and listening to the CEO’s instructions for mining this untouched paradise. Here, guests will combine ingredients to create their first colour-changing cocktail – the ‘antidote’ which will help them acclimatise to the new planet’s atmosphere.

Stepping through the gateway and into the lush ecosystem of AVORA, guests will be struck by a world of unparalleled beauty in which they will explore and discover the world’s most unique and exotic flora, guided by Avora’s knowledgeable botanists. Upon discovering the Liquor Lily, guests will have the chance to harvest the plant’s magical buds and see it transform into their second cocktail right in front of their eyes.

Entering the world during the daytime, guests will watch in wonder as the magical surroundings transition into darkness and the landscape transforms into the extraordinary through its bioluminescent qualities.

Illuminated by the planet’s nearby moons and the Avorian flora, guests will be taken on a short trip to the ‘Tree of Spirits’, a giant 9ft willow-like tree and one of AVORA’s most exciting discoveries to date. For their third cocktail, guests will forage for the tree’s spirit-filled ‘Juniper Berries’. Filled with liquor and ready to burst, these magical berries are combined with top secret ingredients to create a delicious and completely unique cocktail.

During their time on AVORA, guests must decide whether to continue on their mission as set by billionaire CEO Geoff Rosbourne or join the underground resistance and rebel against Roscorp in order to save Avora from human destruction.

AVORA is the latest experience from Inventive Productions whose past productions include the Wild West inspired ‘Moonshine Saloon’ and ‘Alcotraz’, the world-famous prison cocktail experience.

Known for bringing fictional worlds to life through inventive concepts and immersive storytelling, AVORA offers an out of this world experience combining an interactive cocktail service with impressive theatrical sets, a detailed storyline and the latest technology to immerse guests deep into the experience.

Drawing parallels with events on Earth, AVORA offers guests a fun and exciting immersive cocktail adventure whilst exploring deeper themes reflecting Earth’s climate crisis and the exploitation of the natural world.

As part of their commitment to sustainability, AVORA and Inventive Productions will be partnering with UK environmental organisation, Ecologi, and planting a tree amongst the best reforestation projects for every ticket sold.

In addition, the cocktail options are being co-created with the Sustainable Restaurant Association to ensure the highest possible sustainability standards are met. A carbon footprint assessment will be completed once the experience is fully operational and from here Inventive Productions will be introducing reduction targets and actions which will be communicated further.

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