THE COW WHO SANG A SONG INTO THE FUTURE – Official Poster & New Clip Released!

Sovereign has released the official poster and a world exclusive clip for the powerful and unique new drama, THE COW WHO SANG A SONG INTO THE FUTURE, which will be released in UK cinemas on 24th March 2023.

Nominated for the Grand Jury Prize at the 2022 Sundance Film Festival, THE COW WHO SANG A SONG INTO THE FUTURE is a timely and haunting debut feature from award-winning director Francisca Alegría.

When thousands of fish die in a polluted river in southern Chile, Magdalena, a woman long-deceased, emerges amongst their lifeless bodies. Magdalena encounters her widowed husband, sending him into a state of shock and prompting the return of their daughter, Cecilia. Magdalena’s presence and her effect on the environment stirs curiosity and fear among her family. As the past comes into focus, mother and daughter meet an opportunity to change the future.

Filmed in the extraordinary landscapes of Chile (by cinematographer Inti Briones), sensitively scored by Pierre Desprats, and featuring a wonderful lead performance from Mía Maestro (Hannibal) as Magdalena, a woman who, to the shock of her family, comes back from the dead, and discovers she has an important purpose to fulfil, the film is filled with striking images and quietly powerful moments.

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