‘Moss’ & ‘Moss: Book II’ are now available to play on PlayStation VR2!

Award-winning studio Polyarc has announced that the top-rated VR action-adventure puzzle games Moss and Moss: Book II are now available to play on the newly launched PlayStation VR2.

Both Moss and Moss: Book II leverage PlayStation VR2’s improved hardware technology to enhance players’ first-person immersion with revamped haptic feedback, improved visuals, eye tracking, and new game mechanics.

Features players will experience on the PlayStation VR2 hardware:

  • Improved Haptics: Players can now feel the effects of world-shaking events, damaging attacks, and movement throughout the world. This additional head and hands haptic feedback gives the player a greater sense of presence and danger in the game, allowing them to feel even more attached to Quill, the game’s brave young hero who players guide and partner with during the adventure.
  • Two-Controller Setup: Playing with two controllers provides a natural feeling, allowing players to express themselves more freely in the world when reaching in to manipulate the environment, interact with Quill, or engage the weapon inventory system during battle.
  • Adaptive Triggers: Actions will feel distinct to players as they experience the tension and weight of virtual objects while grabbing and moving them within the world. Breakable pots and barrels now respond to the amount of force being used, breaking apart once they’re squeezed enough to overcome the trigger’s resistance.
  • Eye Tracking: Interactive objects now emit a subtle glow when looked at. This allows players to quickly spot interactive objects during puzzles and throughout the game. Eye tracking also informs Quill where players are looking so she can offer hints if she figures something out before them.
  • Foveated Rendering and Increased Field of View: Moss and Moss: Book II run at 90fps in 4K, even with the lighting and texture improvements. That, along with the larger field of view, gives players a deeper sense of immersion.
  • Headset Rumble: Players will not only feel the effects of this during gameplay but also during cinematic experiences keeping them well immersed in the experience even when they are not physically reaching into the world throughout the adventure.

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