Punchdrunk announces further extension to the run of its hit show ‘THE BURNT CITY’

Punchdrunk has today announced a further extension to the run of its hit show, THE BURNT CITY, with booking now open for performances until 24 September 2023.

Since it opened in March last year, THE BURNT CITY has been seen by over 100,000 people. The show takes audiences on a spectacular journey through the last days of the city of Troy as its walls are besieged by the invading Greeks.

Punchdrunk also revealed that a new prelude to the show will be available to VIP ticket holders for all performances from 18th January 2023. The prelude will plunge audiences into the show in a new way, and alongside access to the show’s VIP bar, collectible gift and Dewar’s kykeon cocktail experience, will make the VIP ticket the ultimate way to experience Punchdrunk’s new production.

Inspired by the mythical world of Gods and mortals and set against the smouldering fall of Troy, THE BURNT CITY invites audiences to embark on their own theatrical adventure. Entering into 100,000 sq ft of purpose built warehouse space, audiences step inside a vast, detailed dystopian landscape, from the majesty of royal palaces to the pulsating neon backstreets of Troy.

Whether they follow characters who emerge from the shadows, explore the world on their own or relax in the underworld’s very own speakeasy Peep this is immersive theatre on an epic scale. A colossal playground, where furies watch on as mortals play out their fate, and, as night falls, the city comes alive.

The production is Punchdrunk’s first in its new home in Woolwich, just 15 minutes from central London, on the Elizabeth Line.

The company has also announced that a brand new documentary Punchdrunk: Behind the Mask will air on Sky Arts and Freeview on Tuesday 17 January at 10.15pm. This one-off feature charts the history of Punchdrunk and goes behind the scenes of THE BURNT CITY, marking the first time the theatre company has allowed cameras to follow a new show in their illustrious 22 year history. DRUM Studios are the production company and contributors include BAFTA award-winning actor Jude Law and theatre critics Susannah Clapp and Andrzej Lukowski, alongside in-depth interviews with Punchdrunk’s creative team and performers.

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