LS Lowry’s ‘Going to the Match’ will return to public display at The Lowry, Salford, from 25 November 2022!

LS Lowry’s iconic painting Going to the Match is coming home – returning to public display at The Lowry, Salford, from Friday 25 November 2022.

It follows the successful bid last month by The Lowry at the Modern British & Irish Art Sale at Christie’s in London, to buy LS Lowry’s Going to the Match for The Lowry Collection, thanks to the generous support of The Law Family Charitable Foundation.

This hugely important and much-loved work of art has been on public display in The Lowry’s galleries since it opened in 2000, on loan from the Professional Footballers’ Association. 

Following their decision to sell Going to the Match, there were no guarantees that any future owners would share the commitment to keeping the work on public view and free to access.

However, The Lowry’s successful bid at Christie’s means the artwork has been secured for the city of Salford’s LS Lowry Collection, and it will now be rehung at The Lowry, where it will be free to view.

The painting’s iconic status has been recognised and loved by visitors of all ages: those who love art, those who love football and those who celebrate this quintessentially Northern experience.

The Lowry galleries are free to everyone and display the famous LS Lowry Collection, alongside a vibrant programme of special exhibitions. Bringing visual arts and performance together are central to The Lowry’s exhibition and engagement programmes.

The Lowry galleries are named The Andrew and Zoe Law Galleries in recognition of the couple’s £1m donation to the arts centre, which is a registered charity.

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