John Tiffany to direct world première of Nicole Taylor’s new musical ‘Wild Rose’

John Tiffany will direct the forthcoming world première of the brand new musical, Wild Rose, written by Nicole Taylor and based on Taylor’s critically acclaimed award-winning film of the same name.

The production will begin in Scotland, with venue, dates and casting to be announced.

The stage adaptation is produced by Patrick Daly of Caledonia Productions, with Faye Ward of Fable Pictures and Nia Janis of Playful Productions as Executive Producers.

Released to critical acclaim in 2018, the film, directed by Tom Harper, produced by Ward, and blessed with an incredible soundtrack, won the BAFTA Scotland Award for Best Feature Film, Best Writer for Nicole and Best Actress for Jessie Buckley – the latter was also nominated for a BAFTA Film Award.

Rose-Lynn Harlan is bursting with talent, charisma and cheek. Fresh out of jail, all she wants is to get the hell out of Glasgow and make it to Nashville as a country singer, but with an ankle tag, a curfew and two young kids, her dreams are far removed from her reality.  Caught between hope and responsibility Rose-Lynn must find her place and her voice. A comedy drama about mothers and daughters, home and belonging, and three chords and the truth.

Nicole Taylor said today:

“When the character of Rose-Lynn Harlan first roared into my head some 13 years ago, shouting, swearing and of course, singing, I aways dreamt she might have a theatrical afterlife.  That this is coming to pass under the direction of the great John Tiffany, whose work I have adored ever since I saw Black Watch, is a source of such pride and such excitement.  There’s no story that means more to me than this one – this mad passionate love letter to my twin obsessions, Glasgow and country music.  I never imagined the film would strike a chord with so many people, nor that strangers would come up to me in the street (still!) and yell “My mince is your mince”.  It’s a true joy to be reunited with Rose-Lynn and Marion, and to experience them anew via John’s theatrical imagination and I’m delighted too that the production will begin in Scotland.

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