Gripping psychological thriller ‘RESURRECTION’ will be released digitally on 5th December 2022

Universal Pictures has announced that the gripping psychological thriller RESURRECTION, written and directed by Andrew Semans, will be released digitally in the UK on 5th December 2022.

From the producers behind Midsommar, Hereditary and The Witch, the film stars Rebecca Hall, Grace Kaufman, Michael Esper, and Tim Roth.

Exploring guilt, trauma and loss, RESURRECTION sees Hall play ‘Margaret’, a woman who questions her safety — and sanity.

Margaret’s life is in order. She is capable, disciplined, and successful. Soon, her teenage daughter, who Margaret raised by herself, will be going off to a fine university, just as Margaret had intended. Everything is under control. That is, until David returns, carrying with him the horrors of Margaret’s past.

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