Studiocanal announces new 4K restorations of Wendy Toye’s ‘THE TECKMAN MYSTERY’ & ‘WE JOINED THE NAVY’

STUDIOCANAL has announced brand new 4K restorations of THE TECKMAN MYSTERY and WE JOINED THE NAVY, two highly-regarded films from Wendy Toye, the trailblazing British female director of the 1950s and 1960s.

Toye inspired a generation of female film-makers to pursue a career in the, to this day, male dominated film industry.

THE TECKMAN MYSTERY and WE JOINED THE NAVY will be available to own on Blu-ray and Digital for the very first time from 21 November 2022. A restored DVD version will also be available on the same day.

THE TECKMAN MYSTERY is a 1954 British crime mystery, directed by Wendy Toye and starring Margaret Leighton, John Justin, Roland Culver and Michael Medwin.

Philip Chance is commissioned by his publisher to write the biography of Martin Teckman, a young airman who crashed and died whilst testing a new plane. But from the moment he arrives home, Philip Chance is beset by a series of ‘accidents’ which indicate strongly that there are people who do not want to see Teckman’s past investigated.


New The Extraordinary Career of Wendy Toye Pt 1, featuring interviews with Film Historian Dr. Josephine Botting and Film Critic Pamela Hutchinson

DVD/Blu-ray Premiere Rarely-seen Cannes prize-winning short film The Stranger Left No Card (1952)

DVD/Blu-ray Premiere Christmas-themed short film On The Twelfth Day… (1955)

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WE JOINED THE NAVY is a 1962 British naval comedy starring British film icon Kenneth More, Lloyd Nolan, Joan O’Brien and Mischa Auer.

Lieutenant Commander Robert Badger is an excellent naval officer with one major problem. He speaks the truth at the most inopportune times, leading him to be transferred from ship, to shore, and then to instruct at the Royal Naval College. When his remarks are repeated by one of his students to his father, an anti-military Member of Parliament he has one last chance to prove himself. 


New The Extraordinary Career of Wendy Toye Pt 2, featuring interviews with BFI Curator Jo Botting and film critic Pamela Hutchinson

Visions: Wendy Toye & Sally Potter: Two Directors (1984)

DVD/Blu-ray Premiere short film The King’s Breakfast (1963)

Behind the Scenes stills gallery

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