Acclaimed one-woman thriller ‘Ruckus’ comes to London’s Southwark Playhouse following Edinburgh Fringe run

Following a hugely successful run at the 2022 Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Wildcard Theatre will bring the acclaimed one-woman thriller RUCKUS to London’s Southwark Playhouse from 5 to 29th October 2022.

Written and performed by Jenna Fincken, RUCKUS is a compelling, unsettling play exploring the suppression and destruction caused by coercive control, inspired by the daunting stories of real women.

Taking the audience through the sensations of being at the beginning of a coercively controlled relationship, this tense and thought-provoking drama will raise questions about women’s vulnerabilities to psychologically violent relationships within today’s patriarchal society. It explores how easy it is to be trapped in a cycle of threats, humiliation and intimidation and the system of power in our society which enables and protects the actions of perpetrators.

Lou is a 28-year-old primary school teacher who’s wholly aware the audience are watching her. She wants to show them exact moments in her relationship, breaking down the progression of coercion as Lou journeys from freedom to being trapped.

Using visceral sound design, Fincken draws us right into Lou’s experiences as she explores how a relationship that’s anything but loving can develop. From establishing love and trust, via isolation, monopolising perception, inducing debility and exhaustion, enforcing trivial demands, punishments, rewards, threats and degradation, the audience are with Lou every step of the way – right through to what kind of ending this could lead to.

Fincken makes use of reports from leading charities such as SafeLives as well as the work of leading sociologists, investigative journalists and researchers tackling domestic abuse and coercive control, to create an accurate and experiential play.

RUCKUS is produced by Wildcard’s Joey Dawson who also produced the highly successful Manic Street Creature at this Year’s Edinburgh Fringe.

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