Latest Review – Derren Brown: Showman [The Lowry] [UK Tour]


The Lowry, Salford Quays

Until Saturday 16th July 2022

Whenever Derren Brown announces a new live theatre show there is a real sense of anticipation for what thrills and illusions audiences might experience, however that anticipation is usually tinged with nervousness, apprehension… and possibly dread!

Showman is no different, and sees the multi award-winning master of mind control returning to the stage with his first brand new theatre show in six years, and his most personal show to date.

The task of reviewing Derren Brown’s live shows is always a difficult one as the entire audience are sworn to secrecy to protect the closely-guarded content and secrets of the show, but here goes!

Entering the theatre ahead of last night’s press night at The Lowry that aforementioned sense of anticipation was clear to see (and feel). The atmosphere was tense and a nervous energy simmered about the auditorium as audience members dutifully took to their seats, downing a stiff libation or two for some added Dutch courage.

Following a thrilling introductory segment, Brown takes to the stage and instantly grips with his magnetic presence, captivating his crowd for two and half hours with what proves his most personal and intimate show to date, and one that puts the audience member firmly at the centre of the piece.

As with all his shows audience participation is a key component – and Showman has a lot of it – but fear not, you will never be forced to get up on stage if you do not wish to, and if there are moments of full audience participation that you feel uncomfortable with, simply sit down and enjoy watching everybody else!

Showman may not have the overall scale and scope of previous shows, but it’s a different style of show, with a cleverly constructed narrative that adds real emotional depth to the piece.

Once again working with the expert team of Andy Nyman and Andrew O’Connor (co-writers and co-directors), Brown’s new show is filled with moments of mind-blowing illusion and magic – often inspired by the vintage mentalist tricks and illusions that have proven key components of all his live shows – but with a poignant and moving twist. Showman is a thoughtful, reflective piece that often asks the audience to question their own individual thoughts and feelings, and the master showman delivers it all with his signature blend of humour, wit and razor sharp intelligence.

You have to go to Derren’s shows with a willingness to believe in the unbelievable and open your mind to things you are certain cannot be real, and there are aspects of Showman that will have you leaving the theatre in genuine awe and disbelief. There will certainly be a fair few sceptics in the crowd, but even if you don’t believe or remain an ardent sceptic once the curtain falls, you surely can’t help but impressed by the flair and showmanship of what proves an exceptional and brilliantly crafted performance.

Go, immerse yourself and be utterly amazed. You won’t be disappointed!

Please Note: The show includes the use of Theatrical Haze and some Strobe lighting effects.

Running Time: First Act: 68 minutes, Interval: 20 minutes, Second Act: 63 minutes

Final Performance at The Lowry, Salford Quays: Saturday 16th July 2022.

For more information, and to book tickets, please Click Here.

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