Ivo van Hove’s ‘Who Killed My Father’ will have its UK premiere at the Young Vic this September

Presented by International Theater Amsterdam in association with Young Vic, director Ivo van Hove‘s gripping production of Who Killed My Father will have its UK premiere as part of the Young Vic‘s Summer-Autumn 2022 Season.

Who Killed My Father is translated, adapted and directed by Ivo van Hove, after the book by Édouard Louis, and performed by Hans Kesting.

The production will run in the Main House from 7 to 24 September 2022.

“Every time we have a fight, your father swears he’ll change. He’ll never change. It’s like they say, a dog that’s bitten before will bite again.”

Who Killed My Father is an anger-soaked letter written by literary sensation Édouard Louis to his father. Inspired by a visit to his father after some time, where he found him almost unrecognisable, it tells a gripping story of a life marked by alcohol, social deprivation, and years of hard work in heavy industry in the north of France.

Who Killed My Father is both a furious indictment of the political elite and a son’s declaration of love, performed as a monologue by Hans Kesting.

Who Killed My Father has scenography and lighting by Jan Versweyveld, costumes by An D’Huys and music by George Dhauw. 

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