World premiere of Germán Cornejo’s ‘Wild Tango’ opens at The Peacock Theatre this May!

Acclaimed choreographer and tango champion Germán Cornejo will present the world premiere of Wild Tango at The Peacock Theatre from Thursday 12 May to Saturday 21 May 2022.Wild Tango is a feast for the senses of Argentine culture, featuring electrifying new work inspired by the origins of tango, traditionally performed by two men, showcasing deep connection, complexity, synergy, and strength.

The cast includes several world tango champions, who give an explosive performance by mixing tango, contemporary dance, urban, malambo, and circus elements.  This is the first time a large-scale international production about tango is performed mainly by male dancers, shifting the perspective and making the traditional dance form more inclusive. Germán Cornejo is widely renowned over the world as one of the leading tango artists working today. He is Lead Dancer in Tango Fire Company of Buenos Aires which he joined since 2006 and he has been a performer in Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui’s M!longa since its premiere in 2013.

Germán is also the Artistic Director and choreographer of the Germán Cornejo’s Dance Company which opened in 2016, and which features shows such as Tango After Dark and Immortal Tango.

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