‘The Battle at Lake Changjin’ will be released on Blu-ray, DVD & Digital on 16 May 2022

Trinity CineAsia will release the blockbuster cinematic epic, The Battle at Lake Changjin, the second-highest-grossing film of 2021 behind Spider-Man: No Way Home and now the highest-grossing non-English language film of all time, on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital platforms on 16 May 2022.

Co-directed by master filmmakers Tsui Hark (Once Upon a Time in China franchise), Dante Lam (Operation Red Sea), Chen Kaige (Farewell My Concubine) and starring international superstar Wu Jing (Wolf Warrior 1 & 2), The Battle at Lake Changjin is one of the most epic and ambitious war movies ever made.

During the winter of 1950, in the freezing cold Lake Changjin region, a bloody battle ensues between the United States and China. Faced with the harshest conditions of extreme cold, a lack of rations and vast differences in weaponry, the Chinese troops forge ahead in what was to become the most critical battle of the Korean war.

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