Third Window Films to release Sogo Ishii’s ‘Crazy Thunder Road’ on Blu-ray on 21st February 2022!

Third Window Films will release Sogo Ishii‘s 1980 punk-action-sci-fi classic, CRAZY THUNDER ROAD, presented from a new restoration supervised by the director, on Blu-ray on 21st February 2022, making it the first ever physical video release (in any format) outside of Japan.Hailed as the Japanese Mad Max, this high-octane, loud-and-proud breakthrough hit was one of that country’s great success stories; a graduation project from a film school punk rocker bought by Toei Studios and released nationwide.

The plot involves Ken, a gang leader dreaming of a quiet life with his girlfriend Noriko, and Jin, Ken’s maverick successor, who isn’t about to let yakuza kingpins or right-wing nutjobs tell him what to do or whom to kill.

Jin’s violent individualism in a world where even outlaws follow the bosses’ orders references the doomed anti-establishment heroes of Kinji Fukasaku, but CRAZY THUNDER ROAD points toward a new style of genre filmmaking-fast-paced, quick-witted and brilliantly stylized.

Bonus Features:

New master approved by the director

New interview with Gakuryu (Sogo) Ishii

Audio commentary by Tom Mes

Video Essay: Jasper Sharp on Jishu Eiga

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