Introducing RAKXA – Thailand’s ground-breaking new integrative wellness retreat!

Following the news that Thailand will open up to UK travellers from 1st February, RAKxa – the fully integrative wellness and medical retreat in Bangkok’s preserved ‘Green Lung’ – is now ready to receive UK guests, with multiple packages on offer to help guests to relax and regenerate.

RAKxa is brand new to the UK market as it has not yet been able to have international guests, due to the restrictions of the pandemic.

RAKxa delivers tailored wellness programmes designed by certified medical doctors combining advanced medical treatments with revered holistic therapies alongside renowned Thai hospitality, resulting in a world-class medical destination.

This ground-breaking enhanced wellness retreat is the first of its kind in Thailand and promises a fully transformative experience through personalised three-to-fourteen day programmes based on real results using cutting-edge technology.

Guests visiting RAKxa are there to heal and restore wellness, and therefore the decor and surroundings have been specifically designed in neutral tones to ensure a gentle atmosphere.

A mix of traditional materials and crafts have been used in a contemporary styling to create a medical wellness retreat that has avoided the ‘spa’ look whilst ensuring the crisp, neutral tones are not associated with a hospital.

Traditional materials include rattan, bamboo, reclaimed wood, earth-wear, ceramics, brass, jute, mulberry paper and water hyacinth.

Showcasing the serene location next to the river, traditional river boats decorate the gym area as well as elements such as old balers used to decorate the walls.

RAKxa uses objects throughout the premises that may not traditionally be considered art, such as teapots, chairs and stools. These all have a sense of place and are considered as traditional Thai decor, based on the countries’ history.

One area proudly displays 72 teapots along a shelving unit, which are all made from a local southern Thai pottery maker and each unique to one another.

Using local artisans to create the rugs and woven wall decor, RAKxa exemplifies traditional Thai styling, creating the ultimate wellness retreat where Thai hospitality oozes through the design.

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