Latest Review – Titane (LFF 2021) (65th BFI London Film Festival)


Dir. Julia Ducournau

SPECIAL PRESENTATION (In association with Time Out)

Leaving Thursday afternoon’s press screening one critic was overheard asking another how they would describe the film they had just watched. The response? “Mental. Absolutely f*****’ mental.”

It is a fair and accurate description of Julia Ducournau’s eagerly anticipated new body horror – the surprise winner of the Palme d’Or at this year’s 2021 Cannes Film Festival – which is quite frankly one of the most mind-blowingly insane and wildly original films you are ever likely to see.

For maximum impact, Titane is a film that is best approached totally blind, so this review will refrain from revealing any plot details.

Ducournau’s bravura “techno-chiller” is a bold, daring and expertly rendered piece. Yes it is violent, yes it is extreme, but at its heart there is warmth and love to be discovered within the bold, twisted mix. Ultimately, Titane is a unique and powerful study of identity, gender fluidity and the bond between parent and child.

Breakout star Agathe Rousselle gives a tour de force central performance in her feature film debut, and there is strong support from the vastly experienced Vincent Lindon.

It is probably safe to say you will never have seen anything like it before and probably won’t do again. The Palme d’Or win has certainly peaked a lot of interest but, be warned, this is certainly not for the faint hearted! As unique and brilliant as the film is, if you are even remotely squeamish, it is probably best to stay well clear. Maybe watch Raw first to see what you are letting yourself in for.

P.S. There was rumours of vomiting in handbags and at least three walk-outs at the afternoon press screening, so that should give you a good idea of the overall level of gruesomeness.

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