‘Pandora Island’ launches on Animal Crossing New Horizons on 30th September 2021!

Pandora has announced that players from all over the world will be able to visit Pandora Island – an immersive space inspired by the Danish jewellery brand’s new Pandora ME collection – which launches on Animal Crossing New Horizons on 30th September 2021.

Players will be able to explore a specially designed island, inspired by Pandora ME – the brand’s vibrant celebration of self-expression and authenticity. The island will feature numerous photoshoot worthy locations for an Animal Crossing avatar, including the iconic Pandora crown logo, an American style diner and homes inspired by the campaign’s celebrity ambassadors. The island was custom designed by Blarla Button, the Island Creator, and Lauran Carter, the Island Producer, under the artistic guidance of Pandora’s Creative Directors – Filippo Ficarelli and Francesco Terzo.

The residential homes of the island reflect both the Pandora ME campaign itself, with avatars of the four ambassadors and the Creative Directors, while also paying tribute to Pandora’s craftsmanship. The Pandora Factory, a house designed to mirror Pandora’s crafting facilities in Chiang Mai, features digital replicas of the facilities’ solar panels, water features and palm trees, while inside players will find crafting benches and materials that Pandora uses in the Pandora Me collection.

Other residential homes mimic the inspiring artists who feature in the Pandora ME campaign:

Charli XCX: The Greenroom

Inspired by Charli’s iconic award-winning music career, the Greenroom features a fresh neon pink aesthetic, custom-designed to suit Charli’s creative expression and pop aesthetic

Donté Colley: The Dance Room

Colley’s feel-good Instagram content, where he fuses his love of dance and self-expression have created The Dance Room – a club-inspired space with deep lighting hues, customised flooring and lighting, and a number of props to perfectly set the scene for players.

Beabadoobee: The Studio

After racing to the charts with her first pop track, “Coffee”, Beabadoobee has become known for her infectious pop and unapologetic authenticity. Players can explore the lavish pink and blue neon studio inspired by Beabadooebee – with custom-created wall art, amps and record players!

Cecilia Cantarano: The Selfie Space

Replicating Cecilia’s TikTok playful comedy content and musical prowess, The Selfie Space will be the ultimate place for players to take the best shots of the Animal Crossing avatar’s – with pixel ring lights, camera stands and deep purple lighting.

Animal Crossing New Horizons players will be able to explore the island a day ahead of the Pandora ME launch on 30th September 2021, and with access to the island’s custom clothing, players will be able to get the exclusive designs that were inspired by the collection a day before they launch officially in the UK.

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