HiddenCity’s immersive ‘Play in the City’ adventures return to London!

HiddenCity has announced the return of their immersive ‘Play in the City‘ adventure games, which have all been newly adapted and curated to suit the current social distancing restrictions.

One of the few chances to get out in the city with your friends, ‘Play in the City‘ adventures see players embark on a journey across London, solving clues sent to their phone in an immersive narrative adventure.

Interact with characters in the story as you are drawn into their world, pause at pubs and cafes in built-in break points, and solve puzzles and challenges as a team. What’s more, you choose your path: decisions that you make determine where you travel, who you interact with and whose side you’re on…

The three real world adventures include: MORIARTY’S GAME: THE PROFESSOR’S INVITATION, based on the world of Sherlock Holmes, and THE ENCHANTED MIRROR, a fairytale quest inspired by Snow White, both of which are now live, as well as THE HUNT FOR THE CHESHIRE CAT, a fantastical new adventure into the surreal, inspired by the world of Alice in Wonderland, which launches on Saturday 29th August 2020.

The games are curated to suit current restrictions and to help players get the best out of the city safely. Players have flexibility: if a puzzle during the game requires visiting a location then they have the option to stay in the location, where they can get food or drinks whilst attempting challenges. Alternatively, they can leave to solve the challenge outdoors. Players are not required to wear a face covering in any locations.

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