Eureka Entertainment to release ‘The Painted Bird’ in Cinemas & On Demand from 11 September 2020!

Eureka Entertainment have announced that Czech director Vaclav Marhoul’s cinematic masterpiece, The Painted Bird, will now be released digitally and in selected cinemas across the UK and Ireland from 11 September 2020.

The film was originally due for release in cinemas nationwide on 27 March 2020, but was forced to be re-scheduled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Directed, written and produced by Marhoul, and adapted from the controversial novel by Jerzy Kosinski, the film stars young newcomer Petr Kotlár in the central role alongside an international ensemble including Udo Kier, Stellan Skarsgård, Harvey Keitel, Julian Sands and Barry Pepper.


The film follows the journey of a boy, entrusted by his Jewish parents to an elderly foster mother in an effort to escape persecution. Following a tragedy, the boy is on his own.  Wandering through the desecrated countryside, the boy encounters villagers and soldiers whose own lives have been brutally altered, and who are intent on revisiting this brutality on the boy. When the war ends, the boy has been changed, forever.

Shot in crisp black and white 35mm – Václav Marhoul’s The Painted Bird does far more than simply depict the horror of war. It is an unflinching examination of the very worst of humanity.

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