2K Games launches stunning new PS5 teaser trailer for NBA 2K21!

2K Games has launched the stunning new teaser trailer for NBA 2K21, running in-engine on PlayStation™ 5 (PS5), which was unveiled following last night’s PS5’s Future of Gaming event.

The first 2K title to be shown on next-gen hardware, NBA 2K21 is being built from the ground-up to fully utilise the incredible power, speed and technology of the PlayStation 5 and promises to be both the premier sports gaming experience and a standout visual showcase for the next generation of gaming.

The full-length trailer, released by 2K following the event, features NBA star Zion Williamson and co-founder of Visual Concepts Greg Thomas highlighting the next-gen console’s ability to deliver lightning-fast load times and incredibly realistic visuals, capable of showcasing the legends of today with the technology of tomorrow.

For next-gen, NBA 2K21 will feature drastically improved load speeds, visual fidelity on an unmatched level, and an unrivalled breadth of content for basketball fans and players.

Fans can expect new game features, game modes, brand partnerships, social events, in-game experiences and a brand new soundtrack that will break records for the largest in-game collection of music ever in any video game.

These updates and more will set the bar for sports simulation games when the game debuts this autumn.

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