Eureka Entertainment to release WWII survival horror ‘WEREWOLF’ as part of the Montage Pictures range!

Eureka Entertainment will release Adrian Panek’s nightmarish WWII survival horror, WEREWOLF, as part of the MONTAGE PICTURES range in a Dual Format Edition on 18 November 2019.

WEREWOLF is a Polish World War II thriller about eight children who have escaped from a concentration camp and are hiding in a secluded villa to avoid bloodthirsty hounds released by the SS officers before their retreat.

Summer of 1945. Eight children recently liberated from the Gross-Rosen concentration camp in Poland are left in an abandoned villa, deep in the forest, without food or water. After the atrocities of the camp, the children slowly begin to regain what is left of their childhood. But when a pack of starving dogs besieges the house, the terrified children must again depend on their primal survival instincts if they are going to survive the night.

Inspired by real-life, historical events, writer and director Adrian Panek turns the nightmare of the Holocaust into literal monsters.

One-part survival horror, one-part wartime thriller with a dash of coming-of-age drama, WEREWOLF is an unconventional, yet beautifully haunting contemporary dark fable.

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