The National Pet Show returns to the NEC, Birmingham this November!

The National Pet Show, sponsored by Petsurance from The PDSA, is back for its sixth year and will return to the NEC, Birmingham on Saturday 2 and Sunday 3 November 2019.

Bigger, better and furrier than ever, The National Pet Show is fun for all the family and will showcase a myriad of species and breeds, alongside enthralling educational talks from experts, animal meet and greets, and ongoing animal demonstrations.

Brand new for 2019 is ‘Family Fur Tunes’, which will see family teams led by Autumnwatch presenter Michaela Strachan and TV vet Rory Cowlam go head-to-head in a hilarious quickfire challenge that tests their animal knowledge.

On the Saturday The SuperVet, AKA Professor Noel Fitzpatrick will give a talk, especially for children, from the incredible Noel’s Ark set, and Britain’s Got Talent’s Lucy Heath will show off her training miracles, not just with dogs, but with cats this time too.

The Guinness World Records team will be measuring, testing and recording a jaw-dropping parade of pets in a live show where each will attempt to secure a new record.  They’ll be bringing along the UK’s tallest dog and the most agile agility pooch, along with other extraordinary critters.

The Activity Arena will once again be a huge draw at the show with Stunt Animals amazing the crowds as they demonstrate the training that had won them starring roles in blockbusters of stage and screen. School4Dogs top trainers will strut their stuff with precision trained charges, and Temptation Alley will see dogs run the gauntlet of toys, treats and all manner of tempting titbits, with uproarious consequences!

With a focus as always on rehoming unwanted and unloved pets, the show’s very own Animal Rescue Barn, sponsored by Sleepeezee, has partnered with a number of wonderful rescue charities.  Together they aim to introduce as many animals as possible over the weekend to new owners – and their ‘furever’ home. Experts and ‘pet matchmakers’ will be on hand to find out more about visitors’ lifestyles, then guide them on their potential choice of pet.  Sadly there’s always a need and even former battery hens and rabbits will be up for adoption.

Photo by Adrian Baughan

This year’s National Pet Show welcomes Dogs with Jobs back again, showcasing the remarkable and often vital jobs these dogs carry out for their owners and trainers. The event will feature police dogs who sniff out criminal evidence, search and rescue dogs who locate those lost, trapped or injured in dangerous situations, and assistance dogs who provide life-changing help for people with disabilities. The line-up is completed with therapy dogs who work in hospitals and nursing homes to comfort those in need, and in schools, helping children to read.

The Canine Catwalk will delight visitors with stunning dogs of all shapes and sizes.  They’ll be walked by their doting owners while the show’s compere grills them on their characteristics and care. More than 70 dog breeds will be present at the show and each have their own personality types and needs.

There’ll be a special focus on seldom-seen ‘vulnerable’ breeds too: those in danger of dying out.  It’s all about creating awareness, showing would-be owners how to look after them, and hopefully pulling them back from the brink.

Visitors can get papped over at the Hound Hangout, where they will have the chance to meet some of the UK’s most famous Insta-pooches from social media. Come join the fanbase!

The show’s ‘All About’ Theatres are packed with sessions on responsible ownership and specific care requirements for different pets. With feline facts and canine case studies as standard, visitors can learn about more unusual pets too, including reptiles, spiders, bugs and lizards… who will dare venture close?

Dogs, cats, ‘small furries’ and more will all have their own special ‘villages’.  Visitors can get up close and personal with different varieties and find out more about how best to care for them…

Exotic breeds will be on show in the Cat Village, sponsored by Hill’s. This year the National Pet Show once again plays host to The International Cat Show; a championship exhibition of cat royalty where the country’s finest blue-blooded pedigrees battle it out to be crowned best of breed.

Photo by Adrian Baughan

The Small Furries Village, sponsored by Burgess Pet Care, stars rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, rats, chinchillas, degus (small, sociable rodents from Chile) and more. The enchanting Secret Rabbit Garden is the ‘must-see’ central feature here.  This specially built environment reveals endless ‘enriching’ activities that keep rabbits mentally and physically happy and healthy.  Mounds, multiple tunnels and entrances, hollow logs, peep holes and more… it’s bunny heaven.

The Animal Village, sponsored by Fluval and Exo Terra, is home to the bigger beasties, including alpacas, donkeys, Shetland ponies and miniature horses. Smaller creatures there include ferrets and little-known pouch rats from the Gambia, a species so intelligent they’ve been trained to sniff out landmines. There’s also a magical bird section, from endearing budgies to stunning parrots, some with truly remarkable vocabularies!

For more information, and to book tickets, please Click Here.

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