‘THE THIRD MAN’ returns to cinemas this Autumn to celebrate its 70th anniversary!

Studiocanal has announced that Carol Reed’s celebrated film noir masterpiece, THE THIRD MAN, will return to cinemas in stunning 4K this Autumn to celebrate the film’s 70th anniversary.

On 1st September 2019, 70 years to the day since the World Premiere, Studiocanal will celebrate the film with a special event at Picturehouse Central in London. Film critic Danny Leigh will host a special Q&A featuring one of the last remaining crew members, Angela Allen, as well as special guest and fan of the film, screenwriter Hossein Amini, with more special guests still to be confirmed. There will also be a live musical performance from Cornelia Mayer, a Viennese zither player who trained with Anton Karas (the composer and performer of the iconic original soundtrack).

On 29th September, the film will return to cinemas across the UK for one day only, and screenings will be followed by the filmed Q&A from the 1st September anniversary event.

THE THIRD MAN stars Joseph Cotten as Holly Martins, a naïve writer of pulp westerns, who arrives in a bombed-out, post-war Vienna to meet his childhood friend Harry Lime (Orson Welles), only to find that Lime has apparently been killed in a suspicious accident. Martins, too curious for his own good, hears contradictory stories about the circumstances of Lime’s death, and as witnesses begin to disappear he soon finds himself chased by unknown assailants. Complicating matters are the sardonic Major Calloway (Trevor Howard), head of the British forces, and Lime’s stage actress mistress, Anna Schmidt (Alida Valli). Will Martin’s curiosity lead him to discover things about his old friend that he’d rather not know? 

Directed by Carol Reed (The Fallen Idol, Oliver!) from an original script by Graham Greene, and featuring Robert Krasker’s Oscar-winning cinematography showcasing the shadowy underbelly of a bombed-out Vienna, THE THIRD MAN remains one of the most memorable thrillers of all time.

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